Thursday 23 March 2023

£1.32m boost for energy efficiency measures in 127 units of Brent's social housing

127 units of Brent Councils' most energy inefficient social housing stock are to benefit from a £1.32m grant from the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund for energy efficiency improvements. Bent Council say that the  project will help equip Brent to achieve its goal in reducing CO2 emissions from social housing and improve tenants’ comfort and wellbeing

The works will be managed by Brent’s long-term delivery partner, Wates, with project oversight from the Brent Major Works team.


Anonymous said...

Oh, what good news, Brent have looked for the best contractor for this project and yes Wates got the contract as usual

Anonymous said...

This is a paper exercise not a real efficacy drive. Installing new windows on a Victorian terrace house without insulating the walls and loft doesn’t really do that much other than give one the paperwork to say that the building meets an efficiency target.

This is nothing more than an exercise in getting a certificate so that the unit retains efficiency compliance and thus remains rentable

The reality is that old houses need a total renovation to bring them up to modern standards