Saturday 11 March 2023

Green Party Conference supports Gary Lineker on his 'entirely valid' point about Tories' cruel approach to asylum policy

 The Green Party has just passed this resolution at its Conference. Unanimous in the conference room and just one against online.

Green Party conference expresses solidarity with Gary Lineker and instructs the External Communicator to call on the BBC to reverse the decision to remove him from Match of the Day. The party believes in the principle of BBC impartiality and is clear the organisation is making a mockery of its own policy in this instance. Instead, they are bowing to party political pressure and undermining free speech in the process.
We believe that the point Gary Lineker was making around the deliberately cruel approach to Conservative asylum policy was entirely valid. The Conservatives’ deliberate stoking of this issue as part of their incessant culture war also serves as a distraction from the urgent humanitarian crisis on our doorstep. The issue of desperate refugees should not be used as a political football.


Anonymous said...

Have The Green Party got nothing more pressing to consider at their conference?

Martin Francis said...

Yes it was a two day conference preceeded by 4 evenings of workshops so lots of issues were addressed at length. The above was a quick emergency debate which I thought was of immediate interest given the controversey.
You can find a record of the policies adopted here (most too long to include on this blog):