Wednesday 8 March 2023

Kilburn Square development paused. All scheme options to be reviewed but Brent Council will still seek planning approval for the designed scheme.

The saga of the controversial Kilburn Square development continues with a letter distributed to residents today. The Council's plans have encountered much opposition,

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As Life in Kilburn (highly recommended) pointed out on Twitter, this is the second site paused as Windmill Court was also paused. The two sites were allocated GLA money with a strict on-site start deadline of March 31st 2023. 

Newland Court in Wembley Park is also putting up resistance to infill proposals on their estate.

 The Planning Committee due to be held on March 15th, where the contested Planning Application may have been presented, has been cancelled. 



Anonymous said...

The London Borough of Bumbling Brent continues to show its high level of ineptitude. And as for all these new developments of Council Housing being for being for Brent residents on the housing list, pull the other leg as it has bells on it.

Philip Grant said...

Brent New Council Homes team has had to admit it "got it wrong" again. Kilburn Square residents and neighbours have been trying to tell them this for at least 18 months.

If they had paused and listened earlier, Brent might have had an acceptable scheme, through planning and under construction by now, and would not have lost the GLA 2016 - 2023 Affordable Housing Programme funding for which they needed to "start on site" by 31 March.

Intransigence by key Council Officers, and Cabinet members, has wasted millions of pounds in direct costs and GLA funding,, as well as delaying the promised new homes which they so often say they are building for local families in housing need.

And trying to go ahead with a planning application which they know they will have to change seems a ridiculous waste of the time and effort of everyone involved!

They have also had to back off on another Ill-conceived Brent New Council Homes scheme. Newland Court has also been "paused". As reported several times on Wembley Matters over the past six months, both residents and several Council consultants have told them the proposed scheme won't work.

Without any formal announcement, that I am aware of, I understand that they are looking again at a possible amended scheme. They should cut their losses, because the proposed site is just too narrow!

David Walton said...

Could Kilburn Square land have been re-designated from Brent Housing Land to being Brent Highways Land? FOI from May 2022 map has South Kilburn Estate 45 ha re-designated Brent Highways Land. Kilburn Square residents too may unknowingly be living on un-used highways land?

Brent pretending that the Borough of Willesden was County of London (Inner London spatially) for 42 years and so therefore never Brent Public Rights of Way Statement and Definitive Map including Brent Kilburn wards pathways, cycleways and paths across local green spaces also disables Kilburn Square residents chances of negotiating good growth and place quality from Brent Mater Developer owner.

Kilburn Square is on Brent Brownfield Register 2022, as many car-free (active travel) South Kilburn green spaces are too. BBR is being reviewed now, so a good time to pandemic green spaces resilience question its 2023 proposed land takes?

One Brent Kilburn ward.....One Brent..... or the present zoning of lives Brent Forwards and Brent Backwards which fails so many residents so badly?

David Walton said...

The HS2 project Review also looks good for Brent communities, with high speed trains from the north of England terminating at in effect London Willesden Junction (Old Oak Common new station hub next door- see it online), that instead of tunneling into massively congested London Euston- just because the elite mind set is that 'London' spatially stopped in C18.

New Willesden could be a good Wembley Matters post idea? Makes HS2 more plausible as a regeneration project. Use the tunnel to Euston massive save on new Willesden terminal surrounding communities like Harlesden Town and to fund the HS2 connecting further up north instead.

Have a look at how pathetic low budget no plan the Park Royal Elizabeth Line station and its surrounds when compared to that lines station builds further in. What if Willesden London was the HS2 terminal?

Still waiting for a Review of the South Kilburn Growth Area green un-map, un-plan fade to grey towering. Trying to get fully what's happening onto the London Planning Data Map for agencies to wake up to Brent Kilburn ward and its many and complex housing intensification issues.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of dummies Brent Cabinet and the Regen Team are showing themselves to be.

David Walton said...

Kilburn Housing Wall 1 south of the mainline electrified railway Queens Park to Kilburn High Road by 2041, you can see the start of it Albert Road.

Kilburn Square risks being the start point for Kilburn Housing Wall 2, up the Brent side of not to be conserved Kilburn High Road.

Reckless how Brent and its developer agents refuse to public truthful engage on Kilburn Wall issues. No wonder Queens Park and Kilburn village anti-population growth Conservation Areas want all resources, only their cars on their car home streets and to be another country (another Brent) in terms of public services and amenities state provision.