Friday 10 March 2023

Renters score £400k victory on unsafe homes


From London Renters Union


Hackney members of the London Renters Union have won a massive £400,000 investment in housing safety, following the launch of our #SideWithRenters campaign!


1.6 million children live in damp and mouldy homes. But when renters report unsafe housing conditions to their local authorities, many go ignored.

Everyone deserves a safe home. It is outrageous that many renters are forced to forfeit half of our incomes for housing that makes us sick.

That's why we launched our #SideWithRenters campaign last year to pressure councils to stand up for renter rights and tackle unsafe housing.

Members in Hackney came together and held negotiations with the council in April last year, and again in February this year. The message from our members was clear. Hold landlords accountable!

Earlier this week, Hackney Council announced it will invest a further £400K in the housing standards enforcement team to crack down on mould and damp. Stronger enforcement means that is harder for landlords to get away with forcing us into dangerous conditions.

This win was only possible because of the way we're building renter power in the city. But there's so much more to fight for...



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London Renters Union is a member-led union fighting to transform the housing system. From resisting evictions to campaigning for lower rents, we are fighting for a housing system that prioritises human need over profit.

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