Monday 20 March 2023

March 24th: Street Theatre outside Brent Civic Centre as climate activists take on oil companies in tug of war over fossil fuel investments. Which side will YOU be on?

From Divest Brent


Roll up, roll up for the Brent Pension Fund Tug of War! Theatre, magic and music! From 4.15 to 5.30 pm, outside the Wembley Library entrance to the Civic Centre (near Sainsbury's) Friday 24th March.


Divest Brent is organising a street theatre 'tug-of-war' - with Brent Pension Fund being pulled between the big oil companies, who are anxious to keep their place in the Pension Fund’s portfolio, and those of us who believe that in the climate emergency the Pension Fund should not be financing climate break-down. The street theatre show, with colourful props, comedy, magic and song, will take 10 minutes and will be repeated from time to time until 5.30.


Organiser Simon Erskine said: 


More than 30 groups across Britain are expected to join the 'Divest from Crisis' day of action on Friday 24 March. Brent will join local demonstrations taking place across the UK, urging councils, pension funds, and financial institutions to take action to address the crises of fuel poverty, climate breakdown, and energy security by divesting from fossil fuels. Despite declaring a climate and ecological emergency in 2019 Brent is still estimated to have nearly £26 million* invested in planet-wrecking fossil fuels through its local government pension fund.


In July 2019 Brent Council declared a climate and ecological emergency and committed to do all in its gift to strive for carbon neutrality by 2030.This declaration did not extend to Brent’s billion-pound Pension Fund because the Fund looks after the pensions of Council staff and support staff in schools. The Fund has, however, made some progress with investment into a low-carbon fund (albeit representing only 3% of the Fund) and a Net Zero Roadmap charting a course which should eventually lead to divestment. But global warming is indeed a climate emergency and we do not have time for the Roadmap to run its course. The Roadmap should not get in the way of a rapid divestment from the fossil fuels which are so much to blame for the emergency.


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