Sunday 19 March 2023

New Preston Community Library building delayed due to supply chain problems

 I was in the Preston pub, Preston Road on Friday and noticed that the Preston Library building site opposite was shrouded in sheeting and totally silent - no work in progress.

I understand that there is slippage on the scheme which consists of flats and a ground floor library space. It is now not expected to be completed until at least August with further delays possible.  The delay is blamed on supply chain issues.

The expectatation was that the Preston Community Library, saved by volunteers after Brent Council closed the original library along with 5 others, would move into the building in Spring 2023 after being housed temporarily in Ashley Gardens. 

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Paul Lorber said...

The Preston Volunteers are doing a fantastic job providing a Community Library for the local community. Please support them and visit their temporary premises in Ashley Gardens off Preston Road.

Hopefully there will be no more delays and we can all visit them in their original location opposite the Preston soon.