Thursday, 28 January 2010

Council accused of intimidating Brent Youth Parliament members

Barry Gardiner, Labour MP for Brent North, yesterday accused the Liberal Democrat led Brent Council of intimidating members of Brent Youth Parliament. He raised a point of order in yesterday evening's debate on the European Communities Act:

On a point of order, Mr. Deputy Speaker. Mr. Speaker has given his full support to the work of the Youth Parliament and I seek your ruling, Mr. Deputy Speaker, as to whether it is in order for a public body to seek to intimidate its members in any way.

Recently, my hon. Friend Ms Butler invited young people who were members of her Facebook group to visit her in Parliament. Many of those young people were also members of the Brent Youth Parliament. Shortly thereafter, members of the Youth Parliament received a letter from Brent council's senior lawyer. The letter stressed that Brent Youth Parliament is supported by the London borough of Brent and it counselled them as follows: "You will obviously need to give careful consideration as to whether you wish to align yourself with a particular person or group and what impact this may have on others' perception of you as a Brent Youth Parliament member. If you do decide to participate in local politics, you will need to give consideration as to which person or group you are willing to be connected with and any implications of this."

Many of these young people have been frightened by the letter and regard it as a warning shot. They have previously believed that Brent council was encouraging young people to become politically active, but they now consider that it encourages them only if they are sympathetic to the Liberal Democrats. What action can this House take to ensure that these young people are not bullied in this way by a local authority?

The Deputy Speaker advised Mr Gardiner to write to the Speaker about the issue.


  1. It is naive to assume that this is the only incident of intimidation by Brent Council Officers, in context, this is a very mild form of the arsenal of intimidation that Brent uses.
    This is maybe because it is our Youth, as our Elders in Community, are treated to the most appalling levels of abuse of process, where our Leaders stand up against issues that are identified and their whole world is investigated, their character destroyed and their reputation left in ruins.
    The usual methodology, is to accuse them of fraud, usually benefit or abuse of position, these take many years to unravel, embroiling the accused in years of court action, ensuring that the individual has little time to devote to their Community work and the investigating of issues that so intimidate the council..

    There, have been some very high profile individuals ( victims ) locally for whom these practices have been employed.

    Our Youth Parliament, is the tender green roots of our Youth experiencing for the first time the process of our system of Government.
    This should have been a life learning experience for them, enlightening the processes and party political politics, engaging the Youths to be our future leaders.
    You can imagine that a letter from our borough solicitor, would be to most an intimidating and scary thing.

    But these children had better grow thick skins if they are to engage in any form of political life in Brent, as this is just the scent of the stench, that Brent will employ to keep individuals in line with the vision Brent has.
    It is unfortunate that the Liberals in their first experience of office have engaged in this type of bullying and abuse of process.

    Thus questioning the judgement of the Borough solicitor, whose last day is today, hopefully her replacement will show better judgement than has been shown here by this individual, who on a personal level and in office has shown poor judgement, will public relationships with married Councillors.
    It is sad that they have been unable to allow the natural development of any individuals political views, so intimidated that they have been invited to parliament by Ms Butler.
    If they wanted balance they should have given a rounded experience, by inviting them to see how the Liberals do things, but now they know at the end of a sharp stick what they will have to deal with if they engage in the process at all.

    My heart goes out to those Brent Community Elders who are fighting the Goliath that is Brent council with its full legal budget behind the process of intimidation and Community crack down, without these brave dedicated individuals Brent would not have the diverse Voluntary and Community sector it has.
    I would like to name these individuals here and write their names with pride, but I am sure that this too would be a step too far for Brent who may use this as a reason to turn it's spotlight upon myself, and I like my life, without the devastation of an investigation into my benefit entitlement, my rent, my council tax, my VAT, my Funding, my Organisation, as Brent would seek out my achilles heel and attack it for daring to criticize it's behavior. But those individuals who care about our life in Brent are aware of the individuals whose names have been paraded through the news papers, detailing a litany of allegations, often groundless and without an apology afterwards.

    Jack, Brent, London.

  2. Dear Mr Francis,
    I could go on for hours about how brent have intimidated people who have spoken up against them, but the disgrace of seeing even our children attacked in this appalling manner is disgraceful and should be held up as a matter of public disgrace.I hope that this experience has enlightened our children to how brent actually works and the will to do something to make changes, and not scare them off and back into lack of representation.
    I hope with all my soul that Barry Gardiner does do something about this and make sure there is a wrap across the knuckles of the leadership of brent, which at present is sadly lacking in the hands of an inexperienced, part time leader, who is blinded by the reports of officers and fails to make fundamental decisions, as a Liberal voter myself, I am in shame of his performance and that of the party I had so much faith in.
    At the elections I will not repeat my error and my misplaced faith

    S, Riley, Harlesden

  3. How on earth do Brent council still stay in power with such a history of the abuse of our community, our youth and our vulnerable.communities. It has long been widely known that Brent has been at odds with it's duties towards our needy community and social projects. Prefering to lead from the top down, rather than bottom up . Too long have we seen the waste of our resources and the talents of our youth ghettoising our youths into negative lifestyles, without offering them a way forward. I hope we can get enough support for the Green Party to make a difference in Brent and stop the carnage of our communities and the abuse of the aspirations of our youths.
    The mere fact that the lawyer for the council wrote to these children shows they are even trying to stypher debate and free will. It is a scandal and should be exposed and the council villified for their abuse of our youngsters who are trying to do something more than just exist in Brent.

  4. Well now even more the cat is out of the bag, Brent has engaged in the wholesale culling of our communities and our valuable community investments. The recent villifying of Mariaske Romanov, a community leader and Harlesden matron. By standing up against the local authority , she has been arrested and accused of all kinds of nonesence that we in Brent all know are lies. The council has tried to evict her from the community project she runs in Roundwood park. We all know that Brent has stretched a lie to try and unseat ms Romanov. This latest bullying of our youth parliament is just another example of how not to run a council.

    Alicia . Harlesden

  5. We all know that they have been trying to take Mariadka down for years, she unfortunately is one of those rare individuals , a free thinker and an honest woman. Therefore it is only fitting that Brent would use allegations of dishonesty against her. If you think that the worste thing that Brent can do Is write to our youth parliament , then you are wrong. Just ask Mariaka Romanov, about the catalogue of vengeful hatered they have thrown at her.
    Brent behave like Pol Pot culling anyone who gets in theircway, or who stands up to oppose them.

  6. John Ashton , Brent resident.
    If we listen to the vile disgusing things that Brent have been doing to our Youth parliament and to others in our community organisations. Mariaska Romanov has been the poster girl for brent's persecution of anything decent in our lives. Many of us who work in and around Community Organisations, have witnessed the systematic undermining of her reputation and her credibility, the good thing about Mariaska is she just continues on with dignity, while those in power in Brent throw the resources of destruction at her. We are truly impoverished in Brent, when a woman like Mariaska can be brought to heel under the Jack boot of Brents' vicious machine, using the age old technique of the stories in the newspapers, who collude with Brent to propogate their campaigns against the individual. Using the line often, that the information is in the public domain, therefore they can repeat it.
    Our youth should be protected fr the overbearing influences of brent's vile actions and a thought should also be spared for Mariaska, who has been beseiged by brent for some years now and needs our prayers for her continued strength.

  7. The issue now falls on the head of Barfy Gardiner, hopefully in writing his report he will be able to stop Brent from continuing on with their reign of terror. However, I beleive that it will lead nowhere, as the parliament will never get involved in local matters. Therefore, people like
    Mariaska Romanov will continue to become the Thomas Beckett of our age.
    The current leadership of the council may change, giving the illusion that we may expect a change, however, it is the officers who continue on the persecution of individuals, be they organisations or like Mariaska a social grand dame. The youth parliament have perhaps seen at first hand how Brent behave and I suspect that wider politics are not that far away from this sordid behaviour. I am unsure if the council is still bullying Mariaska as it has been some time since the community signed a 25 thousand name pettition to support her .One thing is clear, the council have not changed their ways and continue to single out individuals for special treatment of the vicious kind.
    A. Jordan Brent

  8. Ade, Kensal Rise.
    I am amazed at Brent councills' brass neck at the intimidation of our youth parliament . The continued harrasment of our community and the Commision for Racial Equality's complaint of biased racist favouritism, has still not reached a conclsion . Leaving us in the hands of a council who stand accused of , racist behaviour, predjudice against our Ethnic Communities, with an anti bias towards the Black community. Now to top it all they attack Mariaska Romanov, who has long been a champion of the Black community, is it coincidental do we think that whilst under investigation for racism, Brent council attacks Mariaska Romanov, perhaps the only independent voice in our communities. We have been long endebted to Mariaska for the valiant effort she has long proffered on behalf of the Black community.
    Now we are faced with another challenge to independent thought by the bullying of our youth parliament , how are we to deal with this intimidation, for surely nothing will come from the present political process. I am a Green voter and see Green as the only legitimate alternative to the corrupt political system we have at present.

  9. Shawneese, Harlesden. Stonebridge .
    Bwoy, are these peeps in the town hall deep man.
    Mi heard some time ago that they was attacking Ms Mari, but figured she is a big woman and able to deal with brent's bad. Now these fools are attacking our youth and that is one bad too many. Ms Mari needs to really brek these fools and stop them from attacking our kids with them nasty.
    Mi asks mr francis to help by bringing this issue to the publics attention as bad likes the dark.

  10. It is with great sadness that I read the piece on the wholly unacceptable behavior of our council. They should feel the full force of our displeasure by voting them all out at the next possible opportunity. For our councillor's to sit idly by whilst this happens makes them all culpable in my eyes, for surely these employees of the council would not dare act withouth the authority of the leadership, and thus has councillor involvement all through it. We should all write letters to the chief executive, voicing our disquiet, making it plain as parents and residents we are opposed to this outrageous over stepping of the Mark.

    Davis Hulme

  11. What amazing arrogance for them to behave in this manner. In a country where freedom of speech and expression is ours by right, for this council to dare to even think they have the right to behave in such a deplorable manner is unacceptable in a right thinking society. It is an outrage and should be pressed with the full force of the law.
    As for the councils other actions against well known and respected community figures, it is about time they were brought to book and held to account for their behaviour and responsible to the residents of Brent for the financial cost of their actions and for the devastating cost to our communities.
    Alexander Wolfe

  12. If we are to accept this level of council misbehaving without doing something about this then we deserve the excesses that they are perpetrating against us. In this world of ours we all to often hear the word community, till we are bored with the word. But how many of us truly feel part of a community and those of us that do dread the loss of it. Brent has been busy over the last few years dismantleling our communities, at the same time as it has been celebrating our milti cultural society. When I hear the council stating that it struggles to reach our hard to reach communities I find it incredulous that they have been working against this cohesion and the working together of our diverse society. Let this be a lesson to us that illuminates who Brent truly are when the mask slips and we see who they truly are . They have become death the killers of communities.
    Joaquin Lopez

  13. As always Brent embarrasses us throughout. The UK, with tonights scandal over the money issues of Brent, how on earth can it justify the high cost of pursuing vendetta's against individuals. When we in Brent face the highest charges for council tax and yet receive the lowest level of services in return. Our schools and services fall far short of acceptable and yet we can spend vast amounts of money on litigation brought against individuals with no benefit to those of us who pick up the tab for Brent's excesses.The PCT in Brent is in disarray and hospitals are threatened with closure all because these dangerous individuals choose to run Brent as if it where there own private thiefdom. The scandals that are leaking out of Brent including the Copeland school scandal . And a councillor convicted of fraud, who is now in jail. Yet this council thinks to set itself up as the arbiter of decency and honesty. Like many other people resident in Brent I am disgusted with the lot of them and the political system is bankrupt and immoral. We need a clean sweep of the political structures, and we must not forget to sweep out the officers of the council who have perpetuated the evil regime' s wishes for far too long.On top of all the nonsense they have been getting away with, they add the intimidation of our innocent children to their list of abuses. I hope that the Green party get a good showing this time and that Brent can look forward to a bright new scandal free future.Anabule, Ole Brent.

    I edited this post to remove any possibility of legal action. Martin Francis

  14. I notice with some sadness that you have had to edit the post of the person above. It is awful that when telling the truth we have always to be aware of the litigeous nature of our council on our coin.

    There are however many truths that need telling about how they manage our affairs. This despotic corrupt and immoral council have truly gone beyond the bounds of decency. It is with our consent that the council provide services and act. Brent council do not have my consent to behave in such a manner and I suspect without the consent of many other decent council tax payers in this borough. As a matter in the public domain ( evening Standard ) the leader of the Labour group of Brent stands accused benefitting from the Copeland school scandal. Yet we hear nothing about the scandal coming from Brent. Yet the standards board were used to investigate a couple of frocks being donated to a Conservative councillor , whilst she was Mayor. This demonstrates the missuse of process that Brent employ to pursue individuals in an almost Neapolitan vendetta system, which ruthlessly
    attacks without conscience the persons identified for this particular brand of malicious act.
    If we are to talk Communities and individuals who have been given the Brent treatment their names are well known. Others who have appeared in the media under brent's allegations are Dame Betty, Ola Lawal, Hank Roberts, Elcena Jeffers. Mariaska Romanov, Angela Linton , Novellete Creighton Dan. Bertha Joseph, and many, many others. I realize that you may edit out these names, but I was particular only to name the people whose names have found in clipping from the local papers.

  15. We are all acutely aware of this councils overbearing and litigeous manner, how many of us have been threatened because of the recycling policy that Brent have, whilst many of us are busily separating our recyclable things, are we aware that Brent still dumps this recycled by product since the price paid per ton went from €10 per ton to €1 per ton and yet we are penalized if we don't separate. This shows that our council seeks to benefit from the suing of it's residents even though it does not honour it's part of the agreement. Anyone who is in any doubt, should write to your council and ask them. How do you dispose of our recycled items? And what are the contracts they have for recying and how much are they currently recycling.
    All this stuff and the bullying of the people who support the least able in our borough,
    Sam Oneil

  16. You seem to have hit gold here on your blog, with many people commenting on the issue of our delightful council. If you see what people are really responding to it seems the majority have an issue with this councils court actions against ordinary residents who have chosen to devote their lives to the betterment of those less able in our society, and as a reward the are guillotined by our council. I have seen some names above and have heard of a couple of those individuals, Hank Roberts, blew the whistle on the Copeland scandal. He has been besieged by Brent for a long time. Mariaska Romanov, is a really well known local activist, with a real dedicated interest in the development of the Afro - Caribbean community, and most well know for her dogged support for the Roundwood community , through the cafe in
    the park. She has been savagely attacked by Brent in both the media, the courts and in public meetings. I have attended public meetings, where just because she is there Brent councillor's have read out a pre prepared statement. This did nothing but good for her reputation as it just anchored her in the heart of her community. She bears up with extraordinary fortitude and grace in the face of the full force of this menacing council.
    If, we are to accept as a matter of fact, that this council can, and will use the full resources at it's disposal to dispatch any opponent , using any means fair or foul. This latest move against our youth parliament and other youths, shows that our council do not even respect, what the majority of us hold sacred our children. Thus declaring openly, non of us is safe from the full scathing abuse of our council. With this scenario, we must ask are we living in this green and pleasant land, or are we in some East European dictatorship, where we must all fear the knock on the door, and we can all be taken away at will, and become like those community elders, the disappeared.
    Ralph. A concerned Brent resident, who still hopes, lives in a Green and pleasant land.

  17. Disgraceful, disgusting, humiliating, frustrating, outrageous, and completely immoral. And this is a council who we pay to represent us. We need a serious review of the whole bunch. I, for one will not be happy handing over my council tax to this bunch to waste on the salaries of these people to attack us. It is like feeding a dog that bites you every day.

  18. When you look at the power of the feelings and emotion against the council's actions, which may or not always be legal, they are at best immoral. How are we to accept that these council employees are responsible for our everyday lives, from the education of our children to our most vulnerable, it makes me shake with rage at the lack of natural justice.

    Talking of justice I had occasion to attend the local county court recently only to witness our courts packed with residents of Brent being sued for business rates and council tax, and recycling failures, the whole day was solidly booked with cases from the council. Is this truly what we want from our council, or would we prefere they provided the services we pay through the nose to receive.
    Good luck to all the Brent oppressed.
    Sophie T.

  19. When are we going to challenge the legitimacy of the council. When we look at our councillor's with their noses in the trough taking holidays in California and the south of France, at OUR expence, where local councillor's are wrested and imprisoned for fraud and theft, where senior councillor's are accused of complicity in the Copeland scand taking holiday's in India, and the CRE complaints of racism we have to question the legitimacy of their role to act as a responsible for the provision of services to our most vulnerable in our society. I must say hand on heart I have never had a pleasant experience with the council, nor have I ever found them transparent or honest.
    Susanna Schultz

  20. Brent council are a complete disgrace and a shambles.
    We are cursed to have them as a council. I live on the borders of Brent and Westminster and my neighbours have such better services than us all round. They make me sick, the lot of them.
    Wendy Calvey

  21. It would be intersting to see what comes from the report of Barty Gardiner.
    I suspect however, that little will come of the event, Brent seem to have more lives than a cat when it comes to facing up to their ugliness. Needless to say, I am disgusted at the behaviour exhibited by Brent both councillor's and officers who implement the decisions taken by the council.


  22. We can see here and on another topic about the proposed bus stand on Chamberlayne Road, that Brent care little for the feelings of us residents and they carry on without conscience or consultation, making their absurd decisions, including the one to put parking all around the Roundwood Park, charging residents to take part in health activities with our children and families, what are we paying council tax for if it is not to use the parks in our borough without penalty.
    I know and I can hear the voices saying well we can walk to the park, but what about, the disabled, pregnant women, women with more than one child.
    It is the principle here and the practicality of putting parking charges and a bus stop outside a park where no buses ever go.

    Many see this as another attack on Roundwood lodge cafe, who have been hit terribly with rental charges, insurance and parking charges as well as the now parking to contend with.
    We need to ask ourself how can we stop them doing their crazy stuff and breaking our communities in two.
    The stupidity at Chamberlayne Road, is only the latest move from a council that does not care.

    Bert Ong Kensal Green.

  23. Yet another glaring example of the calousness of Brent, it cares little for the residents, seeing us as getting in their way from their plans. We should try and gather together a pettition against the council's vile behaviour.
    However, having said that didn't the cafe at Roundwood park get 25000 signatures to save it from them and they just ignored the petition, leaving 25000 peoples wishes unheard and ignored. There will never be another pettition that large again. We are the unheard masses and the only outlet we have is at the balot box. I for one will never vote for the Liberals who have made a real pigs ear of this councils policies, and services. We need to really look a governance of future councils to make sure they cannot continue to ignore and override the wishes of the electorate.

    June Abrahams

  24. This is an outrage to decent people, to the children and the parents, who these letters went out to. We all know that Brent have their issues with control and manipulation, but even stooping to the level of abusing these young children is an assault on the community and the development of the lives of these young people. We have maybe turned a blind eye to the abuse of our community leaders and maybe we have to accept the guilt associated with this neglect. But when Brent turns it's attention to our children, then we have to act, object, protest and stop them in their tracks.
    I hope that Dawn Butler who hosted the visit is taking steps to ensure Brent is censured for their complete lack of decency. Plus the legal rep who's letter started this should be sacked for lack of proffesional integrity.
    James Sayers

  25. Brent has gone too far this time, there behaviour has become too cavalier and they have been accustomed to claiming their victims in the dark.
    It is another thing for them to write in the cold light of day a letter so unconcionable that it is a highlight of the new years attempt at vicious control of anything to do with independence of thought, it is akin to a communist regime. When one examines how Brent have systematically dismantled the voluntary sector, speaking of which, what ever became of the resorce centre which Brent highlighted as their only investment in the community and voluntary sector, as always they make promises and never fulfil their obligations, simply bogging everything down in cover up and conspiracy. When will we ever get true transparency from this council.

    The complete breach of trust in office, aligned with the self serving disgraceful, scandal ridden behaviour of our council, make them unfit to do justice to the position of trust, we as tax payers expect.

    John Holby

  26. Hilary Eastmead:
    is it a coincidence, that Brent is taking out the most vocal leaders of our community, whilst it is demolishing the third sector capacity in Brent.
    They are shady and without the basic levels decency and surely not fit to hold any office. This attack on the youth parliament is maybe taking out the next generation of community minded people, culling the rise of the sector in it's infancy.
    Brent are an appaulling disgrace and most residents are embarrased to have them in the town hall.

  27. It makes me sick, when I see the council parading their victims through the papers, then they are fair game, the thing I see in common is the use of the Willesden and Brent Times, now either they are complicite in Brents infamy or they are too stupid and are being unwittingly used to prepare the ground for Brent to attack residents, the corralation is uncanny.
    No really big scandal is ever reported in the W and B T if it involves the council, and yet everyone of Brents ' victims has been dragged through the paper even though their guilt was not established in law.

    I cannot beleive that Brent would have taken this step to write to the youth parliament members unless it was in some way linked to a bigger part of their dastardly plan


  28. It is apparent that everyone has a story to tell about the behaviour of our local authority. There talent for corruption is legendary, yet there is no sign of anything being done about them. The papers are to backward at coming forward to do anything, I suspect they are worried about losing advertisement revenue.
    They have been getting away with murder for years and it is about time we stood up against them. Any suggestions?

    Sylvia. Brent

  29. A most disgraceful display of harrassment of our youth and our community by a council.

  30. The council are in a terrible moral position and the certainly don't have the high ground. Reading here, has just confirmed for me, what I already knew but thought it was just my experience with them.

    Early one morning, I heard a loud noise outside my home, shen I looked out, two men where breaking down my neighbours door, I came out and asked them what on earth they where doing, I was told to get back in my house and mind my own business. My neighbour who was away therefore could not protect her home, so I insisted they stopped, and explained themself, I was told to get back in my house or I would be in trouble. I called the police, and stood there till they came. The police went to speak to the men. It transpires that they are from Brent Housing Partnership. They made a complaint to the police, that I had obstructed them in there work, I was summonds to court, the men gave a statement that they felt intimidated by me and that I had prevented them from doing their duty. I was given an ASBO, and fined. I Am 55 years old and 5 ' 2" and I have never been in any trouble in all my life. This is how Brent behave, I have been treated appalingly, but I thought this was just an isolated incident, I now see that this is a big eye opener for me.

  31. ASBO's are the new black where Brent are concerned, it is the new tool for stopping people objecting to any issue in Brent. Since the law was changed giving the local authorities more powers, Brent have gone to town using the new toys in their box. We are witnessing on this site a real emergence of objection to being abused by our local authority. The sheer number of contributors shows that Brent are really out of control.
    I wish well to all those poor people who have been pursued by Brent that are mentioned here, and those who are suffering but have not been mentioned.
    Katerina katsopoulos

  32. I could literally scream at Brent for their stupidity. Makes me want to get out my placcard and set up camp outside the town hall. It is horrific to have this level of insanity residing in our town hall.
    Our communities are the glue that holds thes fragmented areas together, we are the rich and poor, the Black and White and the assylum seeker to the single mother. We a stand united when it comes to the dismay at this councils policies against the very glue that holds us together and keeps the darker elements at bay.


  33. Brent are an irritating, incompetent bunch of idiots, how do they think they can control independent thought by threatening the youth parliament. It is as usual a mockery of true community, rather than the pretence at multi culturalism. I took my son to the cafe at Roundwood park today to see if I could ascertain what was going on there now, news seems to be that Mariaska is still hanging in there with the lease negotiations and the council have made it as difficult as possible at every stage. It seems that Mariadka will also get her day in court, as Monday is when the court action starts. I wish her the best luck in the world as the whole of Brent knows the political manouvering that has gone on to try and entrap her on these charges.

    Brent are truly disgusting and the bullying of our Youths and community leaders is outrageous. I shall await to hear what Barry Gardiner comes back with to stop Brent in their tracks from doing this stuff anymore.

  34. My oh my, are they still doing this stuff to Mariaska, how they have got away with bullying her for all these years. It is terrible when a vulnerable disabled woman. Mariaska must have so much strength of character to not have crumbled under their pressure. By the account given above, Mariaska is in court tomorrow , so I wish her the best of luck and may God see fit for another David to beat another Goliath.

  35. LEroy from Stonebridge
    with all the bad stuff that is in our childrens lives, to have something good like the youth parliament bully like this is not on, them step a big too far from them right path. Them took bad advice from they legal man when they mess wit them kids. Me think dat dem been bad too long to meny folks in the area like Ms Mari, now dem want our kids to be under dem control too, they is out of order. They as a bad hed. Jokers man.

  36. I, like many other people who have been resident in Brent for many years are not surprised that Brent are trying this dark move on our Youth parliament, just think if they can get away with dragging Ms Mari through the mud, then our vulnerable children are not beyond their reach.

    I think it is time for a civic re think and oust them all out at the next election.

    Power to the people.

    Sam. Harlesden Gardens

  37. The London borough of BENT is back in force after a quiet period of being under control, maybe the threat of redundancies in the town hall will either soften them, or make them more willing to do anything that is asked off them. This stupid and Ill advised move on our youth parliament shows Lb Bent is back in force. Now with Labour point scoring against the Liberals. Taking their eye off the prize of running the next council is not an option to deal with the assault on this youth group. Where are Nketchi and Poline when you need them to reign on the Labour Leadership and get them out of the stuper they are in. Alan childs

  38. It has been some time since we have had barmy Brent, now we have control freak Brent. With everything that we have to contend with in this current climate do we really have to put up with this level of disgraceful behaviour from an elected local authority. I did not vote for the Liberals to completely irradicate any decency that is left in the gown hall, when may I ask are we going to put the R back in Brent as we all know without the R tells you exactly what they are at the townhall. Eloise. Brent

  39. I am disparing at the futile and frustrating posturing of our council, Brent have really stepped over the last line of decency this time. For goodness sake, what where they thinking, doing this action. I was amused by the above comment and the apparent typo, that has crept in above, gown hall, I think given Brent councils current overreaction and in my opinion to Councillor Josephs' sponsorship of formal evening wear, given that the Councillor was representing us as Mayor, I would not have expected her in sackcloth, given further that the standards committee found no dishonesty I just assume this is more London borough of Bent, taking advantage of a situation to cull a political advisary. It makes me wonder who councillor Joseph has really upset, as she had left the Labour party I think we are on safe ground to lay suspicion at that office door. I for one am looking forward to a new leadership, that we have not seen in Brent, a leadership with integrity.