Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Curious Case of the Missing E-Mail

Save Preston Library campaigners searched fruitlessly over the weekend for any assessment or even mention of their proposals for a community library in the report that is going to the Council Executive on April 11th. Cllr Powney had mentioned the proposal publicly when talking to the Wembley Observer about responses to the Library Transformation Consultation. The campaign had asked Brent Council to keep the library open for a further six months while they finalised plans to run it on the successful Chalfont St Giles Community Library model.

Yesterday it emerged that Sue McKenzie had not received the campaign's proposals which had been sent to the Council on March 4th, the deadline day for responses.  The author confirmed that the e-mail had been sent and asked that the Council consider their proposals. Sue McKenzie initially said that it was too late as proposals had to be read by five officers and then promised to consult colleagues today to see what could be done.

The campaigners also discovered that only 50 of the 400 letters sent by the children of  Preston Park Primary School had been seen by Sue McKenzie and that these representations had not been mentioned in the report. Local children will be some of the main losers if the library closes.

The report to the Executive does mention Preston Library.....in terms of options for selling the site.

If the community library proposals are not assessed by officers and an addendum published to the report,  the Executive will be making a decision based on incomplete information and will be ignoring proposals made by a campaign that collected nearly 6,000 signatures on its petition.

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