Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Council call police in as they close Charteris

From the Save Charteris Sports Centre Facebook page:
As most of you are aware, Charteris ceased operations on Thursday, March 31st. Council, in a last act of thumbing their nose to all of those who worked hard to keep it open and have supported Charteris over the years with their patronage, shut the centre in the middle of the afternoon rather than their normal 10pm closing time. They brought police officers to shoo everyone away and a work crew to board up the premises. The staff weren’t even alerted in advance. Evidently, they can’t imagine that those of us subject to their budget cuts and trapped by their inability to imagine another course of action could actually leave quietly and respectfully, as we would any other night. Shame on them.
It is likely that the Council feared that the premises may have been occupied by campaigners ahead of closure. Next step libraries?

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