Friday 18 December 2015

Kensal Green By-election Result

Chris Alley Conservative 255
Jumbo Chan Labour 931
Sarah Dickson Lib Dem 417
Jafar Hassan Green Party 102
Juliette Nibbs UKIP 38

Labour achieved 53% of the vote.
Turnout 20.3%



Anonymous said...

38 ukip voters in Kensal?!!

Pete Firmin said...

Wonderful typo on Council's results page - only 20% of the electorate got ballot papers!

Anonymous said...

Yes we Chan!

Anonymous said...

Now I realise why Carswell is calling for Farage to be dumped. The Special One has lost his allure for Kensal bigots. UKIP should be aiming for at least 41 in this seat. Her Nibbs deserves better!