Saturday 5 December 2015

Officers recommend approval for Wembley French School swimming pool

Officers are recommending that Brent Planning Committee at their December 16th meeting grant permission for the private French School, now housed in the former Brent (and Wembley) Town Hall, to build a swimmng pool at the front of the site on Forty Lane. This is presently a grassed area with around 18 trees,  including two memorial trees.

The swimming pool building will be lowered by creating a basement and thus not conceal the frontage of the listed town hall building.

It is proposed that two memorial trees will be planted in Chalkhill Park to make up for the loss, and other replacement trees planted in the school grounds. Green space will be lost but the new swimming pool building will have a green roof.

The new build will also affect the current bus stop serving the 83, 182, 206, 245 and 297 buses. The stop will be relocated but the precise site will have to be negotiated with TfL.

As part of the deal the Lycee will provide some community access to the pool which will be managed externally by a facilities company:
  • The swimming pool will be open during the week for use by local schools for four half day sessions
  • Community use of the swimming pool and studio facilities is anticipated to be before school use on weekdays, between 7 and 9am, and after school, between 7 and 9.30pm
  • Community access for swimming lessons is anticipated on two early evening sessions per week, as well as weekend mornings. General community access to the pool facilities is expected on weekend afternoons and during holiday periods. However, the opening times for the facilities during these periods are yet to be defined.  


Anonymous said...

Piscine down in Wembley as usual........

Alison Hopkins said...

Very nice. Whatever happened to the promised swimming pool as part of the Wembley regeneration and the ones promised by assorted academies?

Martin Francis said...

It is hard to keep track of various changes to intial development plans but as far as I know there are still plans for a swimming pool with public acess at the former Dexion House in Wembley Park where the new block will be mainly student accommodation.

Martin Francis said...

Despite planning permission being refused I have received this comment: The plans for this new pool look amazing. I realise some green space will be lost, but knowing the new pool will have a green roof is reassuring. It is also appreciative to hear that 2 memorial trees will be planted as well as others in the school grounds. The community will benefit greatly from this pool.