Friday 4 December 2015

Traffic safety measures installed at Asda/Forty Lane in Wembley

The Yellow Box has now been installed at the junction of Asda slip road/Forty Lane/King's Drive following concerns over pedestrian at the crossing.

Pedestrian lights and a yellow box have also been installed further along Forty Lane at The Paddocks junction which should ensure a safer crossing from the bus stop outside the French School (formerly Brent Town Hall) and the Chalkhill Estate.


Jaine Lunn said...

At last, I do hope this has the desired effect and the law is enforced, we should not see anymore accidents at this badly designed junction. I doubt that without your consistent criticism and dogged determination to resolve this it would not have happened this year. Well done Martin

Martin Francis said...

Thanks Jaine but lots of people involved, schools, residents and local councillors. Great that we can work together for a common purpose.