Tuesday 9 May 2017

Brent Council urges residents to register to vote

Residents in Brent are being urged to get themselves onto the electoral register in time for the general election and consider whether they will have their say by post, proxy or in person at the polls.

With just over four weeks to go until polling day, Brent Council is calling upon residents who are eligible to vote to ensure they are on the electoral register by the deadline of 11:59pm, on Monday 22 May - two weeks away.

Anyone who is registered to vote, but unable to make it to a polling station on 8 June, can apply for a postal vote, or a proxy vote and allow a nominated person to vote on their behalf.

Carolyn Downs, Acting Returning Officer for Brent, said:
As well as being a democratic right, it is our civic duty to hold elected politicians to account and to take part in the process of choosing those who will govern us for the next five years.

You can have your say by post, proxy or in person on polling day but of course, in order to vote you must first be registered. 
A full list of candidates standing in all three of Brent's parliamentary constituencies will be published as soon as possible after the deadline for nomination papers passes, on Thursday 11 May.

To register to vote, apply for a postal or proxy vote, or for more information, visit www.brent.gov.uk/elections2017

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Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, there is this article highlighted at the Community Care magazine website: Social workers must play an active part in promoting voting rights

Elaine James calls on practitioners to ensure disabled people have equal access to the choices they will make in the 2017 general election

From my personal 2005/06 experience as a domiciliary care worker to adults with learning difficulties, in cover sessions of about 3 hours at a time, I wonder how social workers and care workers in LB Brent would manage the logistics of helping adults with learning difficulties and often below Level 1 basic literacy to vote now tht care sessions have been cut to about 15 minutes at a time?

And how would the wonders of Brent Council's contribution to their lives inspire them to think it worth their while voting?

Alan Wheatley