Friday, 12 May 2017

Official list of GE2017 candidates for Brent


Rahoul Bhansali (Con)
Dawn Butler (Lab)
Anton Georgiou (Lib Dem)
Shaka Lish (Green)
Janice North (UKIP)


Barry Gardiner (Lab)
Elcena Jeffers (Ind)
Ameet Jogia (Con)
Michaela Lichten (Green)
Paul Lorber (Lib Dem)

HAMPSTEAD AND KILBURN (shared with Camden)

Kirsty Allan (Lib Dem)
Hugh Easterbrook (Ind)
Claire-Louise Leyland   (Con)
John Mansook (Green)
Tulip Siddiq (Lab)
Rainbow Weiss (Ind)


  1. With Rainbow George Weiss, the voters in Hampstead and Kilburn are spoilt for choice. What brings him back into politics?

    1. I guess we'll have to wait and see - perhaps independence for Hampstead and Highgate...

  2. I believe he wants to see the law on squatting tightened up.

    Mike Hine

    1. Having made his fortune from it

  3. I urge all readers of Wembley Matters to vote for anybody but LABOUR candidates in Brent. Let's have a complete proper Spring Clean. Yellow and Green and the colours of spring, let that reflect how the people of Brent feel, green and clean, not RED as even the children know what the colour means, Stop! Think! Danger, heed the warning signs.

    1. I don't endorse this view, needless to say.

    2. I am unlikely to vote for any Labour candidates in Brent's local Council elections in 2018 (unless there has been a change in the party's Leader in the borough before then), but I may reluctantly vote for Barry Gardiner in Brent North on June 8th.

      I believe that the result of a massive Conservative majority in Parliament for the next five years would be a catastrophe for the NHS, social care, our schools and public services generally.


    3. a change in Brent's Labour leader?! Dream on Phillip!! Mo's got it all sown up.

    4. Lib Dems colluded with the Tory 'welfare reforms' from 2010 to 2015. Ex-Tory Welfare Reform Minister resigned at the end of December 2016, but in April 2017 Revd Paul Nicolson of Taxpayers Against Poverty still held the ex-Welfare Reform Minister accountable. Lord Freud: Tell UK electors about increasing deaths(ONS) & 7300 malnourished admitted to hospital(NHS) in 2015.

      At election times, voters have a lot of responsibility. See
      Ask well-informed questions of candidates while government bodies still gather the statistics! and
      US evangelist Laurence Mead's 'work makes you free' impact on UK welfare reform policies.

      Mead has claimed a 'popular mandate' for 'work for your benefits', 'work makes you free' differ from the Nazi 'arbeit macht frei [work makes you free] that was emblazoned above the gates of Auschwitz, in that there is a 'popular mandate' for the welfare reforms Mead proposed for the modern capitalist countries. What do WM readers think?

  4. Anonymous by byline in urging a particular course of action, unaccountable by nature.

    A key question when someone 'urges' others or argues a point of view can be, "If this point is taken to heart," what does the promoter of that viewpoint stand to gain?

    1. absolutely nothing to gain, just fed up of the same ole BS and want a change in direction and colour. Sick of listening to the same lip service being peddled around. Red is dead, and Blue's away, I need to see more green and yellow everyday.


    Dear Anonymous (15 May at 13:52),

    Although not the subject of the original blog above, Cllr. Butt's leadership of the local Labour Party and the Council may not be as secure as it currently seems. Circumstances can change.

    Regular WM readers will be aware that I am one of five local electors who have objected to Brent Council's 2015/16 accounts over the £157k "pay-off" to Cara Davani. Those objections are the subject of an investigation by KPMG.

    If the Auditor finds that this payment was unlawful, and that Cllr. Butt was complicit in the making of that unlawful payment, his position as Leader of the Council would be untenable.

    A dream perhaps, but it could become a reality.