Friday 7 July 2017

Petition launched to ban fracking in Brent and Dawn Butler MP gets behind campaign

Cllr Lia Colacicco (Labour, Mapesbury) has started a petition to Parliament to prevent exploration for gas in Artesian Close, Hrlesden.

The petition LINK states:

The people of Brent do not want Fracking because it poses unacceptable risks to people, the climate and the environment.

We the residents refuse to put up with seismic testing and the contamination of our drinking water in order for large corporations to make profits at our expense. This is not about house prices. Our children’s health is not for sale.
The proposal was revealed on Wembley Matters on June 26th LINK

Dawn Butler MP for Brent Central told the Kilburn Times LINK
They [London Local Energy] will need more than PR and spin to get this round me and the residents of Brent. These proposals would place the facilities right next to hundreds of homes in Harlesden and just a stone’s throw away from a local primary school. “I won’t let any company put the health of my residents and students at risk, not on my watch. I am urging Brent Council to throw this laughable proposal out immediately.


Unknown said...

Well at last someone pitched up to stop this nonsense in our neighbourhood.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Trump and May have reportedly been talking UK/USA trade deal to replace UK EU involvement.

Would May dare put the terms of such a trade deal that may include even further fracking up for referendum?

What mandate has she for anything, anyway?

Alan Wheatley

Chris Robertson said...

I thought Brent had already declared ourselves to be a frack free zone since 2013. How come this is even a possibility?