Saturday, 23 February 2019

Cries of 'Teach the truth on climate change' ring out at the Department for Education, London

Teacher's used their half-term break yesterday to support the action of school students in the #youthstrike4climate movement and made their own demands on the Department for Education to make the ecological and climate crisis an educational priority in a protest organised hy Extinction Rebellion and others. (See previous posting).

There were speeches from NEU and UCU members, school students who have been taken part in the Friday strikes and individual teachers.

Damian Hinds, Seceretary of State, was not available to take delivery of their letter or respond to their demands, so instead teachers and students delivered a series of powerful speeches which can be heard in the video.

In a disquieting way the warm and sunny February day was itself a testimony to changes in the climate.

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