Friday, 8 February 2019

'Terrorist danger' leads to wider road closures around Wembley Event Days

Local residents are used to local roads being closed for several hours on Wembley Event Days with bus routes curtailed or diverted but Brent Council has now issued a Temporary Traffic Prohibition Order that could closed them from 10pm the day before an Event Day until 8am the day after the event. It is anticipated that the prohibition would not be in place throughout those hours but only as 'required by the police' according to the Council's statutory notice below so we must adopt and wait and see the practical impact of the order which will run initially from February 16th to December 31st 2019

The Order is on the recommendation of the Metropolitan Police and due to 'purposes  relating to damage or danger connected with terrorism.'

There are already concrete barriers at strategic points around the area and a multi-agency committee meets regularly to monitor safety issues including the danger posed by potential terrorism incidents when there are such large crowds in the vicinity of the Stadium and Arena.

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