Tuesday 6 August 2019

UPDATE: McDelivery at Wembley Asda: residents need more information to respond to planning application

McDelivery is common in some other countries and now spreading here. A planning application has been submitted for alterations to the Wembley Asda store which suggests such a service will be opening there. Unfortunately there is very little information on the application to enable residents to make a comment.

This is what I have written to Brent Council's Head of Planning, Amar Dave.

Dear Mr Dave,

I have been approached by residents regarding the above application. The information on the Planning Portal is very sparse referring only to ‘installation of a new sliding window with overhead glass canopy and associated works’ LINK .

The application is from McDonalds and the drawing features McDeliveries - a motorcycle courier delivery service  that is often 24/7.

There is no information on changes in the current Asda restaurant but it appears the delivery service will be run from these premises. The collection window is labelled ’Non-public’ so this is presumably where couriers will collect food to be delivered.

Residents are concerned that if this is indeed a 24/7 service that they will be subject to a noise nuisance from the motorbikes/scooters. You will recall that the Council had to issue a noise-abatement order on Asda previously LINK   and there were regular complaints about noise from the delivery service.

In addition concerns were raised over road safety when a child was knocked down and killed on the crossing at the store entrance LINK.
Could you please point me to any additional information about this application including proposed hours of operation and noise and traffic impact assessments.

The dearth of information means that residents cannot make any meaningful comment on the proposals.
UPDATE This afternoon I received this prompt response from the North Area Development Management Team:
This application is currently under consideration by the Council, and the case officer is currently on annual leave, and will be back in the office on Monday. I am copying her into this email so she is aware of your correspondence, and logs it accordingly on the application file so that it is properly considered as part of her appraisal of the proposals.
The information on the public access system is all that has been submitted by the applicants for consideration – which constitutes a site location plan, elevations and an application form. However, I am aware that we have already sought additional information from the applicants with regard how the proposed alterations would be operated and what impact this would have on the overall operation of the superstore, and how this would impact the road and pedestrian access network (including pedestrian flow and disabled parking provision).
I can see the case officer  has made a note on the application file that an email was sent to the applicants on the 1st of August. I will put a note in my diary to speak with her upon her return from leave, and will ask her to update you directly at the start of next week
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Brent Parks Forum said...

Not a great environmental improvement move....

Jaine Lunn said...

As if we don't have enough junk food outlets in Wembley? and we are second in the Country to L B Newham for the highest obesity rates for children at 29% at the age of 10. Almost 1 in 3.

No doubt it will sail through the planning process without a hitch, as previous form tells us objections count for nothing. I don't envy the local residents having scooters and mopeds whizzing past their homes throughout the night. On the plus side Uber Eats, Deliveroo workers will be jumping for joy at the extra revenue.