Monday 12 August 2019

CONFIRMATION: McDonalds to open in Wembley Asda

An existing McDonalds in an Asda store
McDonalds and Asda today confirmed that they are to open an in-store McDonalds at Asda Wembley Park.

An Asda spokesperson said:
We’re always looking for new ways to innovate and we work with a number of partners across our stores and online to enhance our offering for customers. We are pleased that plans for a McDonald’s in our Wembley store have been confirmed and customers can expect to see this open towards the end of the year.

A McDonald’s spokesperson:

We can confirm that plans have been submitted for a new restaurant at the Asda in Wembley. We look forward to progressing with this application and hope to invest in the local community as well as creating at least 45 new jobs.
Neither answered questions on the proposed opening hours of the restaurant or the hours of a McDelivery service that would operate from the site but McDonald's licence application  LINK is for 'late night refreshments' between 11pm and 5am both indoors and outdoors.

The plan submitted with the licence application shows an extensive operation: (Click on image to enlarge);

Brent Council Planning Department is still to answer questions from Wembley Matters on the application which has not been welcomed by residents living close to the store who are already bothered by noise from the store's home delivery service. The planning application on the Council website refers only to the positioning of a McDelivery window on the store's frontage. LINK

However an investigation by Wembley Matters has found that a Certificate of Lawfulness for an 'ancillary restaurant' within Asda (replacing the present restaurant)  was issued by Brent Council planners in January 2019 LINK on the grounds that:
The proposed café/restaurant is lawful in that it does not constitute a material change of use within the definitions set out in Section 55A of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.Therefore, planning permission is not required.
This means that the application did not go to Planning Committee and neither neighbours nor councillors were consulted.

You can make a comment on the licence application HERE The application number is 16965 Deadline August 30th 2019.

It is unclear how another McDonalds in the vicinity (there are McDonalds on Blackbird Hill and at the Stadium Retail Park, Wembley Park) fits in with the Council's desire to tackle Brent's high child obesity rate as well as the need to tackle littering and noise nuisance.


Anonymous said...

I thought there was a policy set up by Mayor of London to prevent fast food restaurants opening within 400m of a school. There are at least 2 schools within 400m of Asda.

Anonymous said...

Ever since Asda was bought out by Wal-Mart it has gone down hill, I notice it has had a dramatic effect on the quality of their food, the cafe was never much to write home about, dried up congealed food sitting around, miserable staff etc. No surprises that they replace it with a McDonalds, so they can sell more disgusting food for people who are too lazy to cook. Looks like Brent Council are flying the flag to be the No.1 for Child Obesity, and spending more on Adult Social Care from Heart Attacks and Diabetes.

Jaine Lunn said...

This clearly was a policy that any local authority would adhere to, he was just shooting a breeze, because it sounded good and people would think he cared. Wembley Park and Wembley High Road are flooded with Junk Food outlets.

If the chaos that is caused by McD's at the retail park with their drive thru, and numerous scooters hanging around to get deliveries of the wretched stuff is anything to go by on a normal day, what will it be like on an Event Day.

Anonymous said...

The same is happening in the Park Royal branch also.

Unknown said...

Very disappointed... staff not at all nice !!!