Tuesday 3 December 2019

Brent Council by-election will take place on January 23rd 2020

Barnhill ward

The by-election for the two vacant seats in Barnhill ward will take place on Thursday 23rd January 2020.

The vacancies follow the resignations with immediate effect of Sarah Marquis and Michael Pavey.

The notice of election will be published on the Brent Council website on December 13th 2019 and nominations will be accepted from December 16th to December 24th.

A busy time for Brent Electoral Services...


Sandro said...

Who is going to contest these seats? I can't find this information anywhere.

Martin Francis said...

Nominations won't be known until they close on Christmas Eve unless parties/independents announce them in advance. The Council will publish a list of verified nominations after they close.

Anonymous said...

Will you be standing for the Green Party, Martin?