Monday 16 December 2019

Quintain object to a Wembley Park planning application!

Proposed (height increased)
Proposed (Danes Court is towards bottom right)
It is not often that Quintain the Wembley Park developer objects to a development in Wembley Park, but they have in the case of No 1 Olympic where they object to the planning application by another developer.

Permission had already been granted for the office block to be converted to housing but the developer came back with additional proposals to add extra storeys to the building and build a new 15 storey block at the back, opposite Danes Court on North End Road.

Quintain state:
Whilst we acknowledge the applicants have tried to address some of the inadequacies in the original proposal, we maintain our objection to the application as submitted on 4 March 2019. Our objection concluded that the application should be refused planning permission on the grounds that the poor quality design, appearance and materials used within the development cause the increased scale, bulk and massing of the building to have a significant and detrimental impact on the character and appearance of the area, Olympic Way and this primary gateway into Wembley Park. The application is therefore contrary to Policy D1 of the new London Plan (2018), WEM2 and WEM7 of the Wembley Area Action Plan (2015) and DMP1 of the Brent Development Management Policies (2016). The revisions submitted by the applicant do not in our considered opinion change these conclusions.

In addition to the above, we also confirm that the proposed introduction of retail and office floorspace on the ground floor is not deliverable by the applicant. As noted by the applicant, this would require the removal of the pedestrian ramps which are owned and maintained by Quintain. Quintain have no proposals to remove these ramps which are well used and provide the only direct step free access between Bridge Road to Olympic Way. Therefore, any benefits relied upon by the applicant resulting from these changes should be disregarded.
Danes Court, North End Road
The new building is certainly in stark contrast to Danes Court which it will over-shadow! A Danes Court resident writes:
I am very concerned that the recent amendment to the plans application still includes the proposal for a 15 storey block of flats at the rear of the building. That proposed block plus the 3,5 and 7 storey roof top increased height of the existing building will have a significant and detrimental effect on the light reaching my flat. I have already seen the light diminish significantly due to the new buildings in that area, this proposal will have a huge effect in restricting/blocking much of the sunshine and light reaching my balcony area of my flat and bedroom. The 15 storey block will not only affect the light reaching my flat but impinge on our privacy. It will be facing my daughter's bedroom and balcony area. Our privacy will be much reduced.
The privacy on one side of the flat has disappeared with the recent Anthology building. This proposal will be the last straw and any privacy and quality of natural light will have gone for good. The loss of natural light and privacy are stressful and distressing and affects our quality of life. This proposal will make things for us even worse. Also, this building will add to light pollution from yet more artificial lighting from huge new buildings in the area, plus, noise, litter, traffic and crime. I know there is little chance of anyone listening to us but please consider the effect this proposal has on residents like me who have lived in Danes Court. for nearly 25 years.
Two objections, one from a multi-million property company and another from a long-term resident, but both are discounted by the Planning Officers' report which recommends approval of the scheme. The officers seek various changes including a more 'natural' cladding to the blocks and have ensured that the block will not threaten plans to redevelop the next building along, No 3 Olympic Way, which is currently offices. The College of North West London building on the opposite side of Olympic Way is likely to be replaced with a higher block in the near future and readers will already have seen the plans for the Fulton Quarter in what is current the Wembley Stadium Retail Park.

Readers have noticed that conversion of No 1 Olympic Way from offices to residential is already underway, despite this application to modify the plans. The application will be heard by Brent Planning Committee on Wednesday.  The public can attend or a live stream is available from the Council website.



Jaine Lunn said...

Still not as high as the ugly Ferrum blocks on South Western Lands on South Way, nor the hideous 22 storeys adjacent to the Ibis Hotel, which has now obliterated much of the views of the Stadium and Arch for most local residents. There was a time you could stand half way up Mostyn Avenue and see right into the heart of London and the City, er not anymore. It's a pity they did put up the same objections when residents were worried about the views of Olympic Way from Bridge Road, and our Tile Murals depicting the gateway to Wembley Park. Let's face it there is no such thing as Wembley PARK, only Wembley NoPark.

Philip Grant said...

The words "pot", "kettle" and "black" come to mind, when Quintain are objecting to another company's plans to over-develop Wembley Park!

It will be interesting to see whether Quintain get their own way at Planning Committee (as they usually do), when they are applicants on one agenda item, and objectors on the next.

News Items Forwarded by Alan Wheatley said...

Thanks, Martin.

This reminds me of a Tom Paxton song, 'My Dog's Bigger than Your Dog' that can be heard on youtube.

Authors Wilkinson & Pickett whose well-researched 'Spirit Level' book helped found The Equality Trust have since aptly linked those who 'reach the top' in 'entrepreneurial society' with 'narcissistic' behaviour. As a Sociology graduate, I would argue that the 'market' that Quintain and their competitors feed shows a lack of proper socialisation or civilising.

Alan Wheatley