Tuesday 7 February 2023

Barn Hill heron still awaiting assistance after at least 4 days with bag/material wrapped around its beak


The heron managed to catch a small fish (Photo: Amanda Rose)

For the last four days locals have been seeking help for a heron that has been seen with material (or perhaps rubber ballon or plastic bag) wrapped around its beak.  The heron has been seen often on Barn Hill Pond, Wembley. It had not been seen yesterday so there was relief today that it was still alive.

By the time I saw it today it appeared to have weakened, allowing people to approach close rather than flying away.  During the half hour I observed it was scooping water up from the pond but it only appeared to catch anything once.  Later, local professional photographer Amanda Rose, photographed it catching a small fish.  It appears that the constricted beak would not open wide enough for anything bigger.

Please send a link to this article to any organisation that you think might be able to help catch the heron and unwrap the material. 


 Photo: Amanda Rose

This magnificient bird's plight should help people stop and think before discarding litter on Barn Hill.


Anonymous said...

Please try contacting London Wildlife Protection - you can call 07909 795064
between 9:00 am and midnight - their website is here...

https://www.londonwildlifeprotection.org/ - phone number

Anonymous said...

This is so heartbreaking to see - let's hope he gets the help he needs.

David Walton said...

Almost a symbol for Brent this beautiful ugly picture.

Bankrupt Croydon a 15% council tax increase 23. Westminster council tax frozen 23.

Which of these boroughs is opaque and risk hungry Brent moving nearer to with each year?

And where would this heron get expert help quicker?

Anonymous said...

Please don't use the plight of this poor animal to preach politics!

It needs help, it doesn't need more complaints from you about the council :(

David Walton said...

I can see why you hide anonymous.

Resources, no resources, inclusion and exclusion zoned planning does impact not only human health and wellbeing but also quality of nature and environment care- that's this heron getting either help or no help!

Brent building on South Kilburn Public Open Space will destroy its resident bat colony which lives there. Its simply fact. Is Brent nearing bankruptcy to even propose this destructive idea October 2022/ we await Brent agents Planning Application or some nice Kilburn bat pre-crime photographs:(

Anonymous said...

You need to do something ASAP-- my god, Google who to call rather than relying on blog comments! If it has already been 4 days, that's not good. If you have the time to take pics and write blog posts, you definitely have the time to do an urgent search to get help. If the bird is weak and allowing people to get close, get a friend and try to help it yourself!

Martin Francis said...

We have been in contact with a number of professional agencies without success despite promises. We have been advised not to try and remove from beak as it could stab defensively.

Anonymous said...

We are aware and actively trying to rescue..