Thursday 9 February 2023

UPDATE: After 6 days the stricken and weakening Barn Hill heron is still awaiting rescue



Photo Credit: Amanda Rose

I could not make it to Barn Hill pond today to check on the heron that has its beak constricted by material,  as I am social isolating with Covid.


So far despite calls to various agencies, no official rescue operation has been undertaken to help the heron and it is inadvisable for the public to try – the heron’s beak could produce a very nasty wound.


 Local professional photographer Amanda Rose has been taking a keen interest in the heron's light and produced some stunning images of the heron’s plight. (Please respect her copyright).


Many thanks to Amanda for this update:


 Photo credit: Amanda Rose


I spent an hour and a half with the heron this afternoon, at times there were three other people who have all contacted various authorities over the past week to try and get help. We were relieved to see it today as there were no sightings yesterday.


The heron let us all approach closer than ever before, presumably too weak to fly, conserving its energy, or too hungry to care. Most surprisingly, it didn't flinch while a dog was running around the water’s edge, thankfully the owner kept the dog out the water.


 Photo credit: Amanda Rose

The heron caught a small fish and a newt but dropped both back into the pond and wasn't able to eat either. Someone produced a bag of scrap fish for the heron, and drove to the top of Barn Rise to give it to me, but by the time I'd walked to the roadside to collect it and walked back to the pond, the heron had flown away.


Anonymous said...

Hi.. im a volunteer swan rescuer for the Shepperton Swan sanctuary and swans and friends bird rescue.. we are very well aware of this heron and have made several attempts to rescue since the 30th of January.... we have been shown photos of him in this state since earliest 24th Jan.. unfortunately he is moving between 3 or 4 locations so locating and rescuing is particularly difficult, saying he is weakening is not factually correct..

We would ask if members of the public could if possible log his routine, locations and timings then contact us so we can piece together movements and options..

Thank you


Brent Parks Forum said...

We just - Contacted Lulubell's Wildlife Rescue - they work 24/7. Just had a meeting with them re Welsh Harp. They are looking for a space to equip a Wildlife Hospital - Brent would be ideal with the SSSI.

David Walton said...

It may be dismissed as "political"......

But this heron could be a symbol of the long past urgent need to raise environmental and ecological standards in Grey Brent where nature access still survives its monetisation?

Along the lines that preventing such heron damage is better than reactive cure attempts, which are clearly very complex to achieve as this form of nature can also move between nature sites.

Environmental education and ecological care levels throughout Brent raised to neighboring boroughs levels, why not? This travelling heron would support.