Sunday 26 February 2023

No sighting of beak-bound Wembley heron for 3 weeks

Photo Credit: Amanda Rose

It is now about 3 week since a definite sighting of the stricken Wembley heron. There are two possibilities:

1. The heron has died after feeding restricted.

2. The heron has freed itself of the material wound around its beak and is therefore not distinct from other grey herons.

I would have thought if 2) it would have returned to its habitual fishing site at Barn Hill pond and have been spotted by the many walkers on the hill. I have had no reports that a heron has been seen there recently. I checked again today.

However, frogs have not started spawning on Barn Hill pond but have elsewhere in the area. The spawning season is peak time for heron feeding so it may be busy nearby. Frogs have spawned in one of the ponds at the Welsh Harp Environmental Education Centre.

I guess a story that separate the pessimists from the optimists.

Do keep us informed if you spot anything.

On a brighter note, red kites seem to have stayed around Wembley and Kingsbury throughout the winter so far. Will they nest here this year?


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Anonymous said...

There is a heron with no tied beak in gladstone park