Wednesday 22 February 2023

Pinter Double Bill tickets still available for East Lane Theatre





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Paul Lorber said...

East Lane Theatre has been performing for local people since the 1930s - so well worth supporting this group amateur actors and their volunteers.

If you are visiting from the Vale Farm car parks (or if from Eton Avenue walk on for another 25 metres) to admire the Murals painted on the outside wall of Wembley Football Club. The work was organised by local artist LeSpleen ( with the help of the Women's Collective of female of Mural Artists) and funded by money raised by Barham Community Library from a LWYL Grant.

I only mention this as at the Council Meeting on Thursday I was attacked by a Labour Councillor for the way I dressed. I just happened to be wearing a rather attractive and unique sweatshirt designed by LeSpleen who has worked with Barham Library and others to paint numerous attractive Murals in the Sudbury and Wembley area to enhance and improve neglected local areas.

You can see more on her website: