Tuesday 23 May 2023

Lyon Park Avenue/London Road Railway Pedestrian Bridge to be inspected 'later this year' and any necessary action taken

 I have received this response from Network Rail about the poor condition of the railway pedestrian bridge  between Lyon Park Avenue and London Road:

Work Request - Bridge Improvement Required - Bridge ID: LEC1/32 - Between London Road & Lyon Park Avenue, HA0 4DX

Thank you for contacting us about the footbridge going over the mainline near Lyon Park Avenue.


I have raised this with the structures team and they have let me know that this bridge is due for inspection later in the year, and they will take necessary action following the examination.




Anonymous said...

Sadly there seems to be is no urgency at all from Network Rail regarding residents concerns about this bridge - Network Rail claimed last week that they already do annual inspections but that's the first that us residents have heard about them and what have they checked for in the past??? Surely a proper inspection would mean closing the railway lines to inspect all parts of the bridge structure???

Assume Brent Council will also arrange to get all of the rubbish cleared from both sides of the bridge - if it's on Network Rail or Environment Agency land they should be pushing them to clean up - why has this been allowed to get so bad??? Kids shouldn't have to see all of this on their way to school

David Walton said...

Agree, the lack of any urgency here is surprising given what would happen if part of this neglected bridge fell onto a train travelling below it- Corporate is at cool and relaxed setting.....

London overall Rail Track is selling land to housing developers creating many new railway side canyon estates. It is a mistake that planners do not yet consider how these car-free housed residents move across rail severances to either side of the tracks. The other side of the housing canyon.

Foot and cycle bridges should be conditions of rail land sale. Movement disconnect means new high population density zones must all movement overload existing London junctions, crossings and bridges instead and that then is bad even for people living in car owner protected and conserved 'right places' moving about the city in their private vehicle transport mode.

The Great West London car-free towers 6 boroughs mega city building bit by bit in fragments clearly needs many new direct active travel bridges to be considered good growth. Corporate is stuck at cool and relaxed do nothing setting.