Friday 5 May 2023

Ward councillor calls for site meeting and public presentation on the implications of the planning application to build 4 houses in Barham Park


 The proposed houses


 Cllr Paul Lorber, Liberal Democrat councillor for Sudbury, has sent Brent Council a petition from over 150 people about the controversial planning application LINK to build four 3 storey houses in Barham Park:

I have been asked by local residents and supporters of Barham Park to send in the enclosed petition from over 150 local residents opposed to the plans to build extra houses within Barham Park.

The residents are keen to ensure that the Planning Service takes into account the long standing Brent Council policy of protecting Public Parks and Open spaces irrespective of what ever pre planning application discussions may have taken place behind closed doors.

They are concerned about:

  • Over development
  • Over intensification  of residential uses in the Park
  • Extra traffic entry into the Park by visitors, delivery drivers and scooter food deliveries driving into the Park through an entry point under the Park ownership and close to the path created specifically for walkers.
  • This will not be a car free development what ever may be stated on paper as Brent Planning Service does not have the resources to either monitor or enforce this.
  • There are environmental issues including impact on mature trees (some subject to TOPs) near the site.
  • Loss of further Park land as the applicant is proposing to part of land not currently under his ownership.
For these and other planning reasons the residents are calling on the Planning Service to recommend refusal and for the Planning Committee to refuse this application.

As a local Councillor for the area I request a site meeting and public presentation of the proposal and implication for the Park.

By copy I am requesting that the Parks Service and the Barham Park Charity responds to this application and makes a clear statement about the policy on protecting Public Parks and policy of selling off further land inside a Public Park which this application and proposed development will require.

The deadline for comments on the application 22/4128 is nexy week on Tuesday May 9th although normally comments received after the deadline but beforew an application goes to Pllaning Committee are taken into account. You cna submit comments directly on the Planning Portal or by email. Unfortunately emailed comments are not published so if you want others to see your comments post on to the portal. LINK
There are about 30 objections at present.

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Anonymous said...

Brent Council also need to explain why residents, including those who'd objected to the previous application in 2021, only found out about this latest planning application through the Wembley Matters website??? Previous objectors should have been contacted as a priority, why were they only contacted after residents complained???

There is something not right here - there needs to be a full and open enquiry into how this is all being handled before any decision is made on this latest planning application 😞