Wednesday 3 May 2023

Alperton councillor calls on Network Rail to meet with him and residents over decaying railway footbridge concerns


Following my story on the poor condition of the brdige over the main line and local line in Wembley LINK, Cllr Anton Georgiou has asked Network Rail to meet with him and residents to discuss action on the issue.

He wrote:

Dear Network Rail,

RE: Railway bridge from London Road to Lyon Park Avenue

I am writing regarding the railway bridge used by many residents in Alperton and surrounding wards in the Wembley area.

For many years, the state of this bridge has been a concern for local people. We do not deem it to be structurally safe, nor do we feel it is an inviting space to walk. The bridge stretches from London Road in Wembley Central, all the way across to Lyon Park Avenue. It should be a convenient route for pedestrians who want to avoid the longer journey into Wembley via the Ealing Road and down Wembley High Road. Sadly, many choose to avoid walking across this bridge as it has been left in a state of disrepair.

I have previously engaged with Brent Council Officers, who have been in touch with Network Rail directly. This has not resulted in the level of maintenance work needed to significantly improve the bridge. The local authority has said it is not their responsibility and have effectively washed their hands of further involvement.

Therefore, I would like to arrange a meeting in Brent with yourselves and local residents so that you can better understand our concerns and devise an action plan to make needed improvements to the bridge.

We are also keen to help clean up the land on either side of the bridge, which is full of rubbish. I am happy to take a lead on arranging community litter pick days, if you grant us access to this land.

Ultimately, we want to ensure that this asset is well used and made safe for all. I look forward to hearing from you soon and getting a plan in place.


David Walton said...

Brent composting its active travel 'high line' public footpaths for massive population car-free tower growth of its 'Wrong Places'.

What happened to equity in planning C21 London?

All investment, maintenance, upgrades, green spaces and public services protection goes to 'Right Places.'

'Right Places' needs 2023 to be DLUHC and GLA legal defined in the London Plan.

David Walton said...

.... Infact Brent car-free tower intensive population growth zoned business model justifies many new pedestrian bridges being built south over rail lines and canal barriers Brent, rather than this composting neglect of high line footpaths already expensively built that Martin details so well.

Car-free zoned residents obviously, but even current Brent Right Places surely benefit from direct active travel route options being Brent grown???

DLUHC/ GLA/ Active Travel England all clearly gone AWOL.

A new footpath and cycle bridge (long pitched for) over the rail tracks to join Brent Kilburn Right (Kilburn Neighbourhood Forum zone) and Brent Kilburn Wrong (Kilburn Grey Colonial Developer-led zone) communities together as one Kilburn at the HS2 vent TfL land looks to be on. What is TfL spending all the ULEZ windfall of extra funds on, if not on car-free mega density housing new London's being zoned?