Tuesday 23 May 2023

Brent Tories to protest at Civic Centre tomorrow (Wednesday) against clean air measures


The anti-ULEZ protest that was to take place at the Brent Council AGM but was knocked on the head by Conservative councillors is now taking place tomorrow, Wednesday 24th May 5-7pm.

The only event taking place tomorrow in the Civic Centre, apart from the library, is a 6pm training session for members of the Planning Committee.  This will mean that Cllr Michael Maurice will be missing for the second half of the 2 hour protest. 

Some of the protesters may be late as they are likely to having difficulty in finding a place to park their cars.

I do not have any firm news of a counter-demonstration by clean air campaigners yet.


Anonymous said...

Will Saqid Khan be at Brent Civic Centre this evening? If not, why protest there?

Anonymous said...

Not really a clean air tax as the cars of the rich with massive engines etc are exempt. Instead it is a tax on the working classes.

Anonymous said...

It is just a money making exercise!

If they want to cut traffic they should offer incentives for car sharing instead.

David Walton said...

And finally start building (with tower developer/ULEZ money) all of those new walking and cycling bridge ways to best connect car-free housing towers being already packed in across railways, main roads, rivers and canal barriers.

Six borough Great West London Towers Mega City we are looking at you.

Still not London? What a Joke.

Martin Francis said...

About 30 people attnded the demonstration.