Monday 15 May 2023

Brent Tory Councillor puts a brake on ULEZ protest


A senior Conservative councillor, well known as the 'motorist's champion', has slapped down a proposal by Brent North Conservative members to stage a protest about the ULEZ extension, at Brent Council's Annual General Meeting, on Wednesday.

They were told in no uncertain terms that the AGM, dominated by the formal induction of a new Mayor and Deputy, was an occasion where a demonstration was not the 'done thing'.

The Ultra Low Emission Zone expansion is due to come into effect on August 29th,


Paul Lorber said...

I think the Conservative Members should NOT have been stopped coming to protest on Thursday this week.

It would have been quite entertaining - as the AGM is on Wednesday!

The "slap" down seems very timely in a week when the Conservatives have just formed a new "Conservative Democracy" organisation within the Party. No doubt this new Group will be at the forefront of the campaign for a Fair Voting system in all UK elections?!?

Anonymous said...

Weak. If you don’t protest for what you believe in at the chamber as you do not want to disrupt the labour circus go home.

David Walton said...

ULEZ Brent certainly in urgent need of a high quality, equitable and where car-free housing towers growth is spatially Brent Transport Plan for target spending of precious TfL and developer funds.

Brent Riverside safe cycleway from Wembley Park City direct to Old Oak and Park Royal City connecting into active travel routes south, east, west beyond already planned or sorted by boroughs with credible transport plans in place.