Tuesday 16 May 2023

Michaela headteacher's anti-woke rant at National Conservatism Conference



The new far-right grouping headed by Suella Braverman, worryingly named 'National Conservatism' has recently attracted media attention. Suella Braverman was one of the founders of the Michaela Free School in Wembley and she invited her school co-founder Katharine Birbalsingh to speak at the conference. Braverman, daughter of an exTory councillor in Brent, was the school's first Chair of Governors.


Anonymous said...

Not Miss Snuffy - Miss Scary!!!

I pity the kids who are sent to her school to be brainwashed with the far right vitriol that she and her soulmate Cruella spout.

Anonymous said...

National Conservatism = Tory National Front.