Thursday 15 December 2011

Be prepared to support the Willesden Bookshop

An invaluable community resource
The report on the redevelopment of the Willesden Green Library was deferred again this week as the Council awaits the result of the High Court appeal. However it does appear that there are developers interested in redeveloping the site and things are likely to move quickly in the new year with the library closed for two years during the building works.

Although some less than adequate plans have been made for the continuation of library services nothing has been said about the provision of alternative premises for the Willesden Bookshop that shares the site.

The magic of children's books
The well-established bookshop is an invaluable community resource and is widely used by local schools because of its excellent children's book service and generous discount. The bookshop also supports local authors and is a vital cultural resource for the local community.

The Guardian newspaper recently launched a campaign to celebrate in dependent  local bookshops and their role in the community and it is a campaign that as a Green I fully support.  The Willesden Bookshop:
  • Keeps money in the local economy
  • Provides local employment
  • Reduces journeys to central London and thus helps the environment
  • Contributes to the diversity and health of Willesden High Road
  • Provides expertise through staff's knowledge of authors and new publications
  • Provides an expert service in children's books for schools and nurseries as well as study materials for local students
We must be ready to campaign to safeguard the future of our local bookshop.

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