Friday 23 December 2011

Anyone know about possible Parks Service privatisation?

Having discounted earlier rumours that Brent Council was considering privatisation, or part-privatisation of the Parks Service, I am now taking them more seriously. Following Shaun Faulkner's retirement the service was merged with other departments. Sub-contractors were used to clear the disused Barn Hill tennis courts recently and construction of the new Chalkhill Park was put out to tender - the work promised for mid-October has still not started.

The rumours have become more persistent, with the sources closer to the Parks Service, so I asked the Council press office for a comment. After an initially friendly conversation I received an e-mail saying that they only dealt with 'official media' and suggested I contact the Parks Department itself or the councillor in charge - none less than our old friend Cllr. Powney.

I am still waiting for a response from both but if any readers know more please contact me.

There is nothing in the Brent Parks Strategy 2010-2015 about possible privatisation HERE

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Sagar Shah said...

Did they give you a definition of 'official media'?

Your blog presents much more detailed coverage and background of some issues than any other source on the net or in print media and I'm quite annoyed by the Council press office's treatment of you. I'll happily submit a complaint to the corporate complaints department if you'd like.