Saturday 17 December 2011

Willesden Green Library report now due at January Executive

I am grateful to Cllr. Ann Hunter (Lib Dem, Willesden Green) for this information from Brent officers on the redevelopment of Willesden Green Library.

A recommendation on the Willesden Green Redevelopment Project will be taken to the Executive on 16th January 2012. The Executive Report was delayed as officers required more time to ensure the proposals could meet the Council’s objectives. Please note I will be inviting the local ward Councillors to another briefing session the first week back after Christmas. 
Due to the programme delay it is now envisaged the Willesden Green Library Centre will be closed between, September 2012 – March 2014 (inclusive) to enable its redevelopment. However please note to secure vacant possession by September 2012, the WGLC decant will begin in July 2012. It is also envisaged a number of the third party tenants may vacate the site prior to July 2012. 
I presume the last sentence mean that the notice to Willesden Bookshop to leave by April 17th could  remain in place despite redevelopment work not starting until September.

I urge  Brent residents to rally around the bookshop and insist that they are offered some viable and affordable premises to continue their invaluable work.


Anonymous said...

Another example of Brent councils` sell off of Brent council tax payers assests!!

Anonymous said...

I like how Brent Council does a consultation for the libraries and does the opposite of what the people want. Plus close the library everyone is supposed to use in place of the ones they shut down AND wait 2 years until the new one comes. Way to go Bent... I mean Brent.