Wednesday 7 December 2011

Willesden Green Library not on December Executive Agenda

The report on the  rebuild of Willesden Green Library, which was rescheduled  for the December 12th Executive has not been tabled. The item was deferred at the last Executive meeting on November 14th.

Anyone know what's going on?


Anonymous said...

I do not know why it is not on the agenda for the Executive meeting of the 12th? Although I had thought that they would try and sneak it through.
I would like to know if we are all aware of the what is being pushed through in respect of the Willesden Green Library Centre.
The Old Library Building at the front is to be demolition and this has been kept very quiet as has all the proposals for the second Civic Centre!! The Old Library Building is now considered by the Council as being 'Locally Listed' instead of 'Listed' which apparently means that it will only be retained if local people want it to stay and object to it being demolished. Does anyone else know this is up for demolition? Everyone is appalled that it is scheduled for demolition. There were several options for Willesden Green Library to be retained, one being to revamp it, as we are told it is not fit for purpose! Yet 1 million pounds was spent on this 8 years ago! Why have the units not been relet? The cafe having been left vacant now for 4 years and all interest fobbed off by saying that it was in the process of being relet, they have already got a tenant and then no tenant ever materialised, yet all potential tenants fobbed off with one or other flimsy excuse until they found other premises. I have no doubt that a rent free period would entice many to take these premises and make them 'fit for purpose' (another argument used to ward off any potential occupiers). Yet the rent from the units would more than cover any repairs. The building has lots of potential for letting to groups, organisations, functions etc... but they are always empty. Dont they want the money?? Hasnt the centre manager got any targets to meet?

What about all the money spent on this building 7/8 years ago to revamp it... tax payers money. So now the council are going to demolish the building and squander our money that was used to pay for this revamp!! While we are told we have to live on less!

The library is to be demolished, including the Old Library Building at the front and the car park sold off to some developer to build houses and a Second Civic Centre built on the site. More housing with more people with insufficient school places, insufficient parking and more anti-social behavior issues. And, of course, NO LIBRARY. Probably some token gesture of a couple of rooms in the second Civic Centre. Can we fight back? Our Law Centre has had their fund cut, Citizens Advice cuts, Legal Aid cuts, in fact any organisation that can support 'the little man' or 'little organisations' have had their funding cut... result nobody to provide a legal challenge. Yet, our tax payers money is used by the Council to pay their own legal team to bully us into submission. How bizarre using our money to subdue us because now we don't have any of the organisations that would normally ensure justice was done and equality maintained because they have had their funding cut, and the ones that have managed to survive are running a much reduced service. Did we have any say in who had their funding cut? No. Does ANYBODY in the Borough want another Civic Centre in Willesden? We must make a stand. Our politicians are not listening. No, No. No we do not want a second Civic Centre in Willesden. We want our building retained as it is. And do like the rest of us, manage OUR money better and stop squandering it just to improve someones portfolio.

Anonymous said...

Brent council want a second Civic Centre in Willesden .... one is not enough.... £100m is not enough to spend. They would like to spend another 100m of your money so that a second Civic Centre can be built in Willesden . Demolishing everything on the Willesden Green Library sit & DONT FORGET CLOSING ANOTHER LIBRARY. So now we will have 7 libraries closed!!! Oh, and you and I will need to eat less, tighten our belts and have no control on how the council squanders your money. Do something! Write to your local Councillor. Complain. Write to the Leader of the Council & dont be fobbed off by "we have to save money"!! They have a choice on what to spend. If you and I squandered money like the Council do we wouldnt be able to pay any rates or taxes for them to fritter away!

Anonymous said...

Don't let Brent Council demolish the old library building on Willesden High Road.Brent council made the decision on 16th January that the old building would be demolished in order to make way for the new library as well as housing. This remaining part of the old libary is an important and historic landmark.The building itself is in good structural condition.This remaining part of the old library was saved before (25 yrs ago)and was included in that redevelopment project.
This building should remain,it is part of our cultural heritage and should be included in the new redevelopment.