Wednesday 7 December 2011

Does this make a mockery of planning?

Brent Council's recent consultation on the Wembley Stadium area plan included questions about the concentration of waste management facilities in the area and included the possibility of de-designation. There was an implication that some facilities were there without proper planning permission and a suggestion that some sites could be moved as they constituted 'dirty neighbours' and discouraged new firms moving into the area.

A 'retrospective' application for change of use of F. Flannery Yard, Third Way, Wembley HA9 OEL has just gone up on the Council website. Retrospective permission is sought for a change of use of part of the site from builder's yard to:
concrete crushing for waste disposal and soil recovery
 Lo and behold, on November 14th 2011, a planning application for the same site was approved for its use for storage of plant, machinery etc which specifically stated:
Any use of the land for waste processing or the storage of waste, loose aggregates and building materials or use of the site as a transfer site for such material is excluded.
Brent Greens are already very concerned about air quality in the Neasden/Wembley area and 'concrete crushing' to a layman does not sound as if it will improve it!. The retrospective nature of the submission implies that the process may already be happening which sound like a flagrant breach of the exclusion of only a month ago.

The site is not far away (across the Metropolitan and Chiltern railway lines) from Chalkhill and Margaret Clitheroe primary schools.


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