Saturday, 18 June 2016

Beauty and squalor side by side in Kingsbury

There is a public right of way from St Andrews Road in Kingsbury to the historical and Grade 1 listed Old St Andrews Church which is surrounded by a fascinating graveyard. Attempts to get Brent Council to keep the footpath free of litter and fly-tipping have not been successful. It is a shame that the English country churchyard heritage of Old St Andrews cannot be better cared for.


muni3131 said...

I suggest that you pick an area and organise regular litter picking events. That's exactly what we have been doing around the Welsh Harp for over a year. The Harp has never been so clean but there is still a lot to do. Our organiser, Daniella, in association with Thames21 holds an event every month. Contact to find out more, to volunteer or to ask Daniella to spread the word about your litter picking events.

Louise Orrock said...

I'm pleased that someone else has got the bird song on video since my own videos were stolen, computer broken, back up stolen, although I have the same songs on facebook somewhere I think.

Martin Francis said...

You have my sympathy. I always look forward to the blackbird's song in early summer.