Monday, 27 June 2016

Brent Cabinet amend Tenterden Pavilion community asset transfer

Following representations from residents the Brent Cabinet amended the proposal on the community asset transfer of Tenterden Pavilion and playing fields to Wembley Education Charitable Trust (Lycee  International des Londres Winston Churchill).

The amendment made the granting of the 30 year lease to the WECT subject to them entering an agreement with Forest United (1973) Youth FC, a local charitable football club for its use of the pavilion and grounds during periods when it is not in use by the WECT.

Members noted 'the additional opportunity for community access by other groups, in what will be a significant new local sporting facility.'

Members delegated authority to the Director of Resources to finalise and agree terms of leasehold and associated licence disposal to WECT in consultation with the Operational Director of Environment Services.

Speaking on the proposal Cllr Roxanne Mashari made it clear that if WECT did not reach an agreement with Forest United the proposal would come back to Cabinet.

Welcoming the amendment Cllr Michael Pavey, (Barnhill ward in which the Lycee is situated) said that the Lycee were not good neighbours- overgrown grass on frontage and refusing use as a polling station - while Forest United were good neighbours and had been responsible for kicking off the CAT process.

He pointed out that WECT was based at the French Embassy, not in Wembley.

Residents had asked for the original  proposal to be deferred or rejected. In a letter to the Council written in May, Forest United had asked  that their original bid remained on the table as a viable proposal.  They asked that a project with WECT be 'an entirely joint venture from the start with both parties having an equal say in the process and subsequent build.'  They said that 'security of access to facilities is vital to the long-term growth and sustainability of Forest united.

The amendment did not meet these demands entirely and it is clear that much will depend on the negotiations carried out by Council officers with both parties.

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