Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Green MEP: Letwin appointment confirms worst fears about Brexit

Letwin on 80s riots
Molly Scott Cato, the Green MEP for the South West, a strong supporter of the UK remaining in the EU, has responded in dismay to the announcement that West Dorset MP Oliver Letwin is to head up a special “Brexit Unit” to work on the details of the UK leaving the EU.

Mr Letwin has a chequered history. Comments he made after rioting in inner city black communities in the 1980s were widely condemned as racist and he was forced into an unreserved apology. He was also a keen supporter of the highly divisive poll tax and has championed privatisation of the NHS. In 2011 he was caught dumping his constituent’s correspondence in a bin near Downing Street. He is also a climate sceptic and has generally voted against measures to prevent climate change .

Molly said:
The appointment of Oliver Letwin to this crucial role shows our worst fears on what might happen post Brexit being borne out. Rather than choosing a unifying figure who can help a divided nation heal after a bitterly divisive campaign, the Tories select yet another Etonian; a man who comes with a history of prejudice and who played a key role in pushing the deeply divisive poll tax in the 1980’s. His free market views on the NHS and disregard for climate change, the biggest environmental challenge we face, fills me with foreboding for what a post-Brexit England will look like. Cameron needs to bin Letwin and choose a more inclusive and unifying figure to steer us through this extremely difficult process.

Given the vital role that the EU has played in protecting civil and employment rights and environmental protection, Greens believe it is essential that there is political leadership from across the political spectrum during the post-Brexit negotiations. Only in this was can we avoid the risk that the Tories will engage in a destructive and divisive race to the bottom.


Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group said...

Perhaps the nicest thing that can be said of Glenda Jackson's tenure as MP from 1992 was that she defeated her 1992 Thatcherite opponent Oliver Letwin in the polls.

Dude Swheatie of Kwug

Lrg said...

Negotiations should be multi party, not just Tories.

Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group said...

Letwin inferred that it was not possible for white people to riot. But opposition to the Poll Tax that he supported soon proved him wrong!