Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Action promised on Fulton Road/Olympic Way accident spot

I am pleased to say several Brent councillors have responded to the email and video link I sent this morning LINK.

Cllr Southwood, Cabinet member for Environment wrote:

Thank you for your email. I too have concerns about safety here, from personal experience and brought into sharp focus by the accident last week.
Some improvements have been made. A 20mph speed limit was introduced last August and earlier this year the speed table was reconstructed, additional warning signs and road markings, tactile paving and anti-skid road surfacing was installed.

Given the development planned for the area, he number of cyclists and pedestrians using this crossing is likely to increase. I absolutely agree with the need for us to actively consider how to make it safer and more accessible. In April we commissioned a study to identify options and this is due to be completed in July.

The recommendations will come to Cllrs for comment but in the meantime I'm very happy to talk with you and others who have suggestions. We will of course be speaking with Brent Cyclists following last weeks accident to get their input into the recommendations.
Cllr Muhammed Butt, leader of the Council said:
I can assure you that this junction is being looked at and we have had a lot of work done recently, and there is always room for improvement.

I have already been in touch with the highways and transport lead and the cabinet member along with the chief exec, about seeing what else can be done to help improve things for everyone.
Cllr Margaret McLennan, deputy leader of the Council responded:
This falls under Ellie Southwood and Environment, however, I have asked officers and Quintain to respond as we too are aware of the issues surrounding this crossing and will be looking to make it more secure and accessible. You can of course understand we have to do this in liaison with the Stadium and local law enforcement. 
Cllrs Shafique Choudhary, Ruth Moher, Carol Shaw and Helen Carr have also responded.

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