Friday, 17 June 2016

Comment on Harrow School planning application and sign petition before Monday

From Harrow Hill Trust

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 It is clear that the public want a brownfield option. As such, in our reply to the Council we have evaluated the arguments set out against this option and we set out the pros and cons. There are very few compromises required to make this work and there are very many more advantages.
Please try to find one more supporter, the consultation period closes on Monday. Thanks again for your support which is appreciated.

Submit your comment HERE Paste this reference into the search box:  P/1940/16

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Meg Howarth said...

An alternative to this appalling proposal to build on Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) is staring everyone in the face - the adjacent brownfield site. The school would get its replacement facility without destroying the views from the Capital Ring footpath.

The failure to consult the public regarding the current application is anti-democratic, and troubling. Surely the council isn't trying to avoid scrutiny of the proposal which by any definition is 'inappropriate' under MOL regulations? London's Capital Ring is one of the city's environmental jewels, the views therefrom to be enjoyed by all the city's residents and visitors. It must be protected from selfish and unnecessary developments such as this.

The application should be rejected, and the school asked to re-submit an alternative scheme for the brownfield site.

Metropolitan Open Land belongs to all Londoners. Let's unite to protect it by signing the petition and stopping this grotesque and unnecessary application.