Saturday, 18 June 2016

Revised parking changes for Brent including £25 diesel car supplement

The Brent Cabinet on June 27th will consider recomendations LINK for revised parking charges.

.        2.0  Recommendations Cabinet is asked to formally express its thanks to all those who responded to the on-street parking consultation, and then agree: Demand-Led Pay and Display Tariffs:
.        2.1  To freeze parking prices in Pay & Display bays borough-wide. Daily Visitor Parking Charges:
.        2.2  To proceed to formal consultation on a Traffic Management Order, under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, introducing new visitor parking charges in CPZ areas, with a £1.50 charge for up to 2 hours, a £3 charge for up to 4 hours, and a £4.50 charge for ‘all-day’ visitor parking of more than 4 hours.
.        2.3  To delegate authority to implement the price changes following formal consultation, including amendment of any relevant Traffic Management Orders, to the Strategic Director Regeneration & Environment, in consultation with the Lead Member for Environment. Visitor Household Permit  
.        2.4  To retain the Visitor Household permit.  
.        2.5  To increase the charge made for the Visitor Household permit, from 1st October 2016, to a 2016/17 rate of £163 for a full year; £98 for 6 months and £66 for three months; and with future increases linked to the price of a third Resident Parking Permit for vehicles in the proposed ‘Standard’ emissions band. Carer and Support Permit:
.        2.6  Dependent on agreement to recommendation 2.4 above, to withdraw the proposal to introduce a new Care and Support permit. School Parking Permits:
.        2.7  In respect of parking for school staff: § To allow schools within CPZs to purchase a maximum of 3 business permits, at the standard rate (£366 in 2016/17) and terms & conditions, with immediate effect; § To introduce a new scheme allowing qualifying schools to:
§  Purchase a maximum of 3 school staff parking permits at a rate discounted by 25% to reflect term-time use only, providing the school has a bronze level accredited travel plan;
§  Purchase additional school staff parking permits at the reduced term-time rate should they have either a silver (up to 6 school permits in total) or a gold (up to 9 school permits in total) level accredited travel plan. Residents Parking Permits:
.        2.8  From 1st April 2017 to amend the resident parking permit scheme as follows:
§  Simplifying emission-based bandings for resident household permits, as set out in paragraph 7.3, to provide a clearer signal and encouragement to switch to lower- emission vehicles
§  Introducing a minimum charge of £25 for a resident’s parking permit for any vehicle (other than a powered two-wheel vehicle)
§  Reducing the permitted size of vehicles with resident permits to those weighing no more than 3.5 tonnes
.        2.9  To agree in principle to introduce a £25 supplement for diesel car permits, reflecting their additional contribution to air pollution, with effect from 1st October 2018 to give adequate notice and therefore time for owners to change to less polluting vehicles or transport modes.
.        2.10  To note that further research is required regarding the proposal to reduce resident permit entitlement from 3 permits to 2, as set out at paragraph 7.2. Visitor Permit Entitlement:
.        2.11  Dependent on agreement to recommendation 2.4 above (to continue the offer of the Visitor Household permit), to cap the number of visitor permits any household can buy to a maximum of 300 permits p.a., commencing from 1st April 2017. Trader Permits:
.        2.12  To develop and introduce a new one-day All Zones trader’s permit, allowing a business vehicle to park in any CPZ within Brent for one day.
.        CPZ Concerns Cabinet 27 June 2016 On-Street                          2.13 To note that a further report detailing and scoping a comprehensive review of the operation of CPZs will come to Cabinet in the autumn.

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