Sunday, 26 June 2016

Red Pepper declares coup attempt against Corbyn an emergency & calls for #KeepCorbyn support

As a Red Pepper subscriber I have just received this message. Red Pepper is not an official Labour Party publication and is read by many Greens and non-aligned socialists so this is an unusual intervention.

To Red Pepper readers and supporters

Jeremy Corbyn – the Labour leader who has given us all so much hope – faces a coup threat from Labour MPs, defying the will of the Labour Party membership.

This is now an emergency. Please, do these two things to support Jeremy:

1. Sign the Momentum petition at

If you have a Labour MP, it will also let you write to them in support of Jeremy – this is vital to add to the pressure against the coup.

2. If you can make it to London, come to #KeepCorbyn protest tomorrow (Mon) from 6pm in Parliament Square.

The place and time is because this is when Labour MPs plan to put the coup motion to the Parliamentary Labour Party meeting. Share the Facebook event and invite your friends.

Jeremy has fought for all of us – now we must fight to make sure Labour Party democracy is respected and he is not ousted as leader.

Red Pepper


Anonymous said...

We are facing the most serious political, economic and constitutional crisis in recent UK history. The British (or maybe, in the end, just English and Welsh) public urgently need an opposition voice and a credible united organisation to match the situation.
Seriously, does anyone really believe that Jeremy is capable of providing this?
I voted for him in the Labour election. But the national situation's completely changed.
Mike Hine

Nan. said...

Will it matter in the end which leader any party has?

I have been really disappointed to hear some of the leave interviewees sayong that they only came out to vote in this referendumand will not be voting again.

Surely having got perople to sit up and take notice of them, they really ought now to be demanding equality in the distribution of prosperity and an end to their being on the receiving end of the worst elements of cuts and austerity.

Sadly, I suspect none of this will happen and pthe political class settle down to business as usual as soon as the cameras are out of sight.

Anonymous said...

I believe Jeremy Corbyn is a great 'consultative' leader. That factor has certainly helped reopen the sense of many so-called 'insurgents' into the Labour Party, though I am a Green Party member.

Keir Starmer — Labour MP for Holborn & St Pancras constituency where I live — clearly differs in his viewpoint though.

Yet I wonder how much of all the turmoil the Parliamentary Labour Party is experiencing at present might be as a consequence of grief for their murdered colleague Jo Cox MP? Grief can do very strange things to people.

Alan Wheatley

Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group said...

Craig Murray reckons that for Blairites the Brexit vote is just an excuse or smoke screen so that they can get rid of Jeremy Corbyn before the Chiloct Report comes out. Craig Murray: It's Still the Iraq War, Stupid