Friday, 27 July 2018

Brent Council issues parks and allotments fire warning

BBQ at Barn Hill Open Space at the weekend
Scorched grass after fire at the Open Space (not caused by above BBQ)

Brent Council has now put out the following announcement:

Due to the very high temperatures we have been experiencing over the last month, the London Fire Brigade have issued a temporary ban on all BBQs in parks across London. This is due to the risk of fire if they are left unattended. 

In Brent, we already have a complete ban on BBQs in our parks, however this is an opportunity for us to remind residents about the increased risk of fire due to the hot weather.

We appreciate that residents will want to enjoy the hot weather, however please remember your safety at all times. Perhaps you may consider alternatives such as arranging a picnic instead.

We would also like to request that allotment holders do not burn any green waste during this heat wave, to reduce the possibility of fire spreading.
If we are to have regular hot summers it may be worth the Council considering installing stone/concrete 'fire places' in its parks such as those found in North America and Australia but there are issues of air pollution to consider. LINK


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Jaine Lunn said...

Still no signage in parks.