Friday, 27 July 2018

Quintain offers public tour of Wembley Park's 'green heritage' Saturday July 28th

Wembley Park 1908
Wembley Park 2018
Wembley Park has certainly changed a lot in 110 years in terms of green space. Quintain has set itself the challenging task of finding some green spaces in what increasingly looks like a concrete jungle. You can judge for yourself how successful they have been by taking part in this tour  on Saturday July 28th, 11am-12.30pm.  I regret that I am not yet well enough to take part but will be interested in a report back from any reader who joins the tour.

This is the information about the tour available on the Eventbrite booking site. I have not edited out the inevitable public relations plug for Quintain:

National Park City Week presents: A Tour of Wembley Park's Green and Open Spaces

As part of National Park City Week, Quintain, the award-winning team behind the £3bn regeneration of Wembley Park, will host a special guided tour, which will allow visitors to discover Wembley Park's rich green heritage - from “Wemba lea” i.e. Wemba’s clearing in the forest to the hedged fields of “Wembly Green” - as well as the long-term environmental vision for the neighbourhood.

Join Tour Leader Julian Tollast, Head of Masterplanning and Design at Quintain and National Park City Foundation Trustee, as he takes you through this fascinating journey through the past, present and future of this 85-acre site around Wembley Stadium, which is rapidly becoming a major new destination and neighbourhood for London. Tour highlights will include: visits to the 22 newly planted trees in Olympic Way, hailing from temperate areas across the world; the new Emerald and Elvin Gardens at Tipi; the secluded landscaped gardens to the rear of Brent Civic Centre; and a stop-over by the interactive masterplan model of the new Wembley Park, where you will be able to have a glimpse of the plans for the 7-acre park and lake being planned for the area.

Tour Leader Biography

Julian Tollast is Head of Master Planning and Design at Quintain with more than 30 years’ experience, including 17 at Farrells, working on significant and varied development projects has given Julian a great breadth and depth of understanding. Leading projects from both the client and consultant side provide him with the ability to rapidly explore and realise the potential of any opportunity and at any scale, “from District to Doorknob”. Julian’s skills in advocacy and communication built consensus to help secure planning approvals for two of London’s most significant developments and many other projects around the UK. His design and development experience coupled with skills in project leadership, management and construction enable him to help create and deliver added value across the Economic, Social and Environmental spectrum; further enhancing the reputation of the projects, companies and organisations he is associated with.

Where will I meet the group?

The orange benches meeting point opposite Sainsbury's

The official meeting point is in Market Square, by the orange benches opposite Sainsbury's at Brent Civic Centre. If you experience any difficulties finding the group, please call tour supervisor 07989 558842.

BOOK  FREE TICKETS HERE - Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult


Anonymous said...

They must be embarrassed at the lack of green space they have to arrange a tour to prove it.

Jaine Lunn said...

A Tour to confirm what they have completely obliterated in Wembley NoPArk. I can't envisage many takers in this heat walking around the concrete jungle with a pair of binoculars trying to locate the miniscule bits of greenery entombed by ugly tower blocks.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Tour will include a game of I-spy.
I-spy with my little eye, something beginning with G.
The participants will be there all day as I bet no one will ever guess that "Grass" is the answer.
I would love to see where the "lake" is going to appear. Just thought, with all the building work there will only be space for a large puddle in one of the many potholes in Wembley...Lake Water Butt.

Philip Grant said...

Anyone interested in where the lake is going to be, and where previous lakes have been, can read my guest blog "Three Lakes at Wembley Park" (posted 29 July 2018), which was inspired by this comment.