Wednesday, 4 July 2018

New buildings proposed at White Horse Bridge, Wembley Stadium Station

The proposed 6-18 storey buildings
The proposed new build
Ariel view of the site
Brent Planning Committee will this evening consider plans for new buildings on either side of the White Horse Bridge and the Chiltern Wembley Stadium Station.

The proposed blocks range from 6 to 18 storeys and claim a mix of  156 'affordable' and shared ownership properties. 'Affordable' as usual is not defined.

At ground floor level a mix of retail, commercial and community uses is proposed but the overall aim is to have retail connecting the retail and restaurants of Wembley High Road with Wembley Park Boulevard.  One of the buildings will host offices for Chiltern Railways staff.

Along with the new two tower development on the site of the former  Mahatma Gandhi House the development will face the 2 -3 storey buildings on the other side of Wembley Hill Road. Some mitigation is proposed where the SW07 building overlooks properties on Juniper Close.

Full Officers' Report HERE

Postscript from local historian Philip Grant

They say that history repeats itself - there was ground floor retail development near the station (then Wembley Hill, on the Great Central Railway) soon after it opened in 1906, but the scale then was on a more human level - see postcard picture below.
Wembley Hill Station 1908



Sandro said...

Why waste time having to go through the committee? Just pass it like you've passed every other concrete jungle building in the Borough.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree Sandro. There isn't any point even publishing the plans or allowing the residents to object. I've spent my entire life living in Brent. I'm a product of the once great schooling system from nursery up until 6th form. My career after graduating began in Brent, but now I am in despair. I no longer feel safe in Brent nor do I feel as though the Council is doing anything to benefit residents who have been part of the community for generations. Surely this dictatorial council cannot continue to ruin what was once such a lovely place to live. All the council seem concerned with is attracting publicity, PR and Sadiq Khan as opposed to the real community who has to live with these atrocities.

Unknown said...

There's a lot of corruption in Brent. Someone in power has made themself rich. These building should never be given the go ahead.

Anonymous said...

I am a resident on the neeld parade and I and other residents or shopkeepers have never received anything regarding the planning of this development.
So how can they say 225 letters were sent out and no representations were made? Something is fishy.
Currently the rear access of neeld parade alongside the Jehova's Kingdom Hall is being used as a shortcut by pedestrians and attracting a lot of anti social groups hanging around. This was never a right of way for footfall and I have seen many close encounters of pedestrians including parents with pushchairs trying to squeeze through when refuse trucks are on their collections. This should not be allowed to go ahead.
This should remain a closed off part of land with no thru access.
Quintain and Brent Council only seem to be focusing on making money! Disgusted.

Martin Francis said...

Thanks for your comment. This seems to be a common problem with development proposals and distribution of information sometimes appears quite random. You are clearly in an area affected by this and the proposals further up the road including the new primary school in the car park of York House.