Sunday, 26 May 2019

Sufra appeal for three Iraqi asylum seeking families in desperate need

Three Iraqi families seeking asylum turned up at Sufra this week, desperate for help. Two of the mothers are pregnant and one has just given birth prematurely.

They fled Iraq together to avoid persecution. As Asylum Seekers, they get almost no support from the government. They have nowhere safe to stay and no money to buy food – let alone nappies.

Here’s what we urgently need until they get housed (2 months) and are granted refugee status (1 year minimum):
  • Emergency Accommodation (x60 nights) = £1,200 per family
  • Baby Clothes, Blankets and Bottles (x3) = £100 per family
  • Baby Cot (x3) = £90 each
  • Pram (x3) = £120 each
  • Household Basics (x3) = £200 per family
    (Including bedding, cooking/cleaning equipment, crockery, etc.)
  • Other Essentials (x3): £300 per family
    (Including a small grant, oyster cards, a mobile phone and top-up, food parcels, etc.)
That’s about £2010 per family.

You’re welcome to donate directly to Sufra NW London here so that we can buy exactly what they need. 

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