Tuesday, 21 May 2019


From Kensal and Kilburn Better 2019

Is private education a key source of our country's problems?

Social historian David Kynaston, co-author of Engines of Privilege: Britain's private school problem, will set out the argument made in his book, followed by responses to the book by Patrick Derham, Headmaster of Westminster School and Melissa Benn, author of Life Lessons: the case for a National Education Service, and then discussion. 

 The event will be chaired by Judith Enright, Headteacher of Queens Park Community School.

The debate will not be about whether individuals should or should not send their children to private schools; it will be about the effect of the private school system on wider society.  

Therefore we warmly welcome parents and students from both state and private schools, as well as everybody else who has ever attended school and wants a well-informed discussion on our education system and our society. 

A Kensal & Kilburn Better 2019 event put on in association with Queens Park Book Festival

Monday, 10 June 2019 from 19:00 to 20:30 (BST)
Queens Park Community School
Aylestone Avenue
NW6 7BQ London

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