Friday, 31 May 2019

Brent councillor reveals enduring Tory prejudice

It used to be that Conservative politicians looked down their noses at council house tenants. The fact that in the 21st century that prejudice hasn't gone away has been revealed by Brent Tory councillor Michael Maurice.  In an email  seen by Wembley Matters he outlines reasons for his opposition to the redevelopment of the Preston Library site. They include a claim that  a four storey building will be out of keeping with the suburban neighbourhood and that the additional population will impact on parking (Maurice is a parking obsessive).

It appears however that what really gets his goat is that the flats will be 100% affordable and some or all may be social housing. He assumes that such tenants will automatically be trouble:
We also fear that the new flats may lead to an increase in anti social behaviour and whilst many of you do not live near the library, some of us do and this could seriously affect  us.
Cllr Maurice is a former member of Brent Planning Committee which has approved many extremely unaffordable housing applications...

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