Tuesday 6 June 2023

Education unions to hold joint industrial action campaign meetings in every school in England

From the NAHT

Today (Tues 6th June), the general secretaries of teacher and school leader unions, including NAHT, ASCL and NEU [and NASUWT], have written to their members in all schools in England encouraging them to hold joint-union staff meetings on industrial action.

The unions have previously announced their intention to co-ordinate industrial action going forward. Speaking at school leaders’ union NAHT’s Annual Conference last month, the general secretaries pointed out that their combined memberships would mean action if taken would affect nearly every school in England.

All the unions are currently balloting their members to take strike action in the Autumn term, with NEU and NAHT’s ballots currently running, and ASCL’s due to commence this month.

The letter sent today calls for staff meetings of all union members eligible to vote in any of the ballots to be held the week commencing 19 June, to discuss how to maximise turnout and encourage members to return their ballot papers.

The letter reads:

The education system has faced years of real-term pay erosion; a funding crisis; enormous recruitment and retention challenges; escalating workload and working hours; and an inspection system that is doing more harm than good.

As a result, the four largest teacher and leader unions are in the process of balloting members in order to secure a mandate for industrial action.

We have worked incredibly hard to engage with the government on these issues and to try to find satisfactory solutions, but it simply refuses to listen. We believe that a mandate for industrial action across all of our unions is the only way we can get your voice heard.

In an almost unprecedented show of solidarity, all four of our unions have agreed to work together on this campaign. This shows not just the sense of unity among the profession but also our determination to make sure this government starts to engage properly with us in order to address these crucial issues.

Regardless of which union you are in, it is absolutely essential we all work together to ensure everyone eligible casts their vote. This really is a time to stand together and stand up for the profession.

Whether you are in the same union or in different unions, these staff meetings will provide a perfect opportunity to come together and show your solidarity for one another in this ongoing campaign.

We are all clear that we are now in a battle for the very future of education – stand with your colleagues and join us as we strive to bring about real change.

The full letter can be read here: JOINT GS Letter - staffroom meetings - June 2023.pdf.


DON'T dis US said...

as this omits UCU it is not 'education unions' at best it is majority of schoolteacher unions, apparently omitting NASUWT

Martin Francis said...

It does include the NASUWT (see letter link) and not sure why that was omitted from the NAHT PR. Yes school unions (NEU now includes teaching assistants).

I will add editor note re NASUWT)

Martin Francis said...

That is not to take away from the positive collaboration from what have been competing trade unions. There are some in the NEU who are campaigning for future amalgamation with the NASUWT.

Amagamation with 'management' unions ASCL and NAHT would not be practical due to different specific interests in day to day school employment.

Anonymous said...

The call for joint-union staff meetings on industrial action in the education sector is a powerful manifestation of the proletariat's collective struggle against the oppressive forces of capitalism entrenched within the government and its policies.

The education system, plagued by real-term pay erosion, a funding crisis, and the exploitation of teachers and school leaders, bears witness to the inherent contradictions of a system designed to serve the interests of the ruling class.

By coming together as a united front, the educators have rightfully recognised that only through organised resistance and the assertion of their collective power can their voices be heard.

This display of solidarity not only demonstrates the strength of the working class but also serves as a clarion call to challenge the government's indifference and demand a transformative overhaul of the education system.

It is in the hands of the educators to seize this historic opportunity and pave the way towards a future where education is liberated from the shackles of capitalist exploitation and serves the interests of all.